Understanding The Meaning Of A Promo Video

Yael Klass
By Yael Klass
November 11, 2023 · 8 min read

A promotional video or promo video is a video used for the express purpose of promoting a specific marketing initiative, sale, or event. Promos are often similar in style and tone to a teaser video, where you grab your audience’s attention and draw them in to learn more.

What is a Promotional Video?

A promotional video is a business video with the intent to promote your products and services to customers and prospects.

A good promo video seeks to bring the conversation to a more personal level without making the sales aspect so overt. Any video you create is in some sense attempting to sell your brand to your target audience. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a blatant sales pitch.

You’ve no doubt seen companies release videos in the past which celebrate an achievement or event, wish viewers a happy holiday, or tell their brand story. These pieces of content are promotional videos. They’re transmitting information from the brand to the audience but without outright asking you to buy something.

If it helps, think of it this way: every video ad is a promotional video. Not every promotional video is a video ad. Diving into digital marketing can be like opening up a digital can of worms. For many, it can be intimidating. You know what, though? It doesn’t have to be. Understanding the role which videos will play in your strategy can ease some of that intimidation. It helps to get you and your team on the same page. A good jumping-off point is to properly define just what a promotional video is. There are many types of videos you can produce for your business. From product videos and testimonials; to explainer and employee training videos.

But, let’s make sure you understand the proper promotional video definition first!

Types of Promo Videos

When it comes to the kinds of promo videos you can create, you have a world of options.

  • Product videos
  • Intro videos
  • Product launch videos
  • Event videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Video ads
  • Recruitment videos
  • FAQ videos
  • Testimonial videos

… and more. There are quite a few possibilities when it comes to creating, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box and get inspired.

How much does it cost to make a promo video?

Depending on the length and quality, a promo video can cost anywhere between approximately $40-$50,000. This range is quite large, but the high-end accounts for sophisticated professional equipment meant for video veterans and full production teams.

That may have been a requirement in the past. However, today you don’t need a fancy video production team that makes you wait weeks while paying thousands of dollars. With a video maker like Promo.com, your video-making costs will only range from $39-$249. Feel like seeing it for yourself? Use our Video Production Cost Estimator to get a good idea of the potential costs of YOUR videos.

How long should a promotional video be?

Try to keep it under 2-minutes and make sure you’re hitting the important info. The old saying “less is more” should ring true here.

Even large companies and international brands know this to be true. Intel, for example, refuses to release video marketing content over 2-minutes. Neither should you!

That said, promo videos do tend to go a little deeper than your typical video ad so take the opportunity to showcase your brand and really convey valuable information to your audience.

How does a promotional video drive sales?

Whether it’s your YouTube channel, Facebook page, or even your website; a promo video is an ideal introduction to your business and thus at the forefront of all your digital marketing. The fact is, videos can increase conversion rates by 80% simply by putting them on a landing page. That’s how powerful they can be.

Some additional points to note about successful promotional videos include:

  • Featuring yourself and employees can encourage brand trust, especially when shared on social media
  • A continuous video series can increase brand loyalty
  • Video significantly increases the number of times visitors stay on your page.
  • Search engines will always prefer companies that use video.

52% of marketers worldwide name video as the content with the best ROI. So putting a promotional video front and center of your digital marketing strategy is the key to increasing sales and winning new customers. Don’t start digital marketing without one.

How to make promotional video clips?

Now that we’ve gone over a promotional video definition and its relation to potential sales, you should understand how simple it is to create one.

Promo.com is a video creation platform that specializes in brilliant video templates that will really take you to the next level when it comes to making a promotional video. With more than 15 million premium video clips, thousands of professionally licensed music tracks, easy Facebook integration, and a lifetime license, this is the type of platform that will change the way you do video marketing.

Things to Consider During the Process

Knowing which types of elements you want to add to your video is vital. For example, you might have to add audio to video that adds value to your promo efforts. Or perhaps, knowing that text and subtitles are important to reaching a wider audience, you might use our lyric video maker to help further promote your intentions.

Try mixing things up a bit by adding photo to video, too. Transitions are important to keeping your audience’s attention.

Next, keep in mind the different aspect ratios required by different social platforms. For example, our Snapchat video editor will ensure you’re creating the perfect size video for your Snapchat followers. Once you’re done, you can use our video cropper tool to change the size of your video for the remaining social media platforms you’re using.

AI Transforms Promo Videos

The realm of promotional videos is witnessing a transformative shift, predominantly driven by the advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI). This evolution is redefining how we engage with and perceive promotional content.

Envision a promotional video that not only showcases a product but also adapts its narrative in real-time, thanks to AI’s deep learning capabilities. This adaptation is based on your interaction history and viewing preferences, offering a level of personalization previously unattainable. Such AI-driven customization ensures that each viewer is presented with content that resonates more deeply, making the promotional message significantly more impactful.

The role of AI extends beyond just content customization. It is revolutionizing the efficiency and effectiveness of video production and testing. With AI, rapid A/B testing becomes a streamlined process, enabling content creators to experiment with multiple variations of a video swiftly. This approach ensures that the final content is fine-tuned to audience preferences, as highlighted in this insightful discussion by experts.

Furthermore, AI is addressing challenges such as the creation of ‘deepfake’ content, which poses new questions about authenticity and trust in digital marketing. Navigating these challenges is crucial for maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of promotional videos.

As AI continues to evolve, its integration into video marketing is not just about leveraging new tools; it’s about a fundamental shift in how promotional narratives are crafted and delivered. We are moving towards a future where promotional videos are not just a means of conveying a message but are a dynamic, interactive experience that resonates on a personal level with each viewer.

PromoAI: Streamlining Video Creation for Social Media

As we explore the various facets of promotional videos and their impact in the digital marketing realm, it’s important to highlight our own contribution to this evolving landscape: PromoAI. This tool is a testament to our commitment to simplifying and enhancing video marketing for social media.

Key Features of PromoAI: PromoAI leverages AI to automate the video production process, aligning each video with your brand’s identity by analyzing your website for key branding elements. It selects suitable footage, music, and generates copy that resonates with your brand’s message.

Editing and Direct Publishing: The tool allows for easy editing of AI-generated content and direct publishing to various social media platforms, making your content strategy more efficient.

Content Library and Flexibility: With access to extensive libraries from Getty Images and iStock, PromoAI offers a wide range of media choices. It’s designed to be adaptable across different social media platforms, including LinkedIn and Instagram.

Efficient Content Management: PromoAI also features scheduling capabilities to help maintain a consistent and engaging online presence with minimal effort.

Discover more about how PromoAI can transform your social media strategy by visiting PromoAI.

The Final Word on Promo Videos

Think of your promotional videos as the content which shows the world what your business is all about. Make it engaging and interesting, and people will remember you. The ultimate promotional video truly conveys your values to your audience and lets your brand’s voice and unique style shine through.

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