Why Email Marketing With Videos Works For Real Estate Agents

May 17, 2018 · 3 min read

When you’re in the business of selling homes, you probably rely heavily on email strategies and tactics — but have you or your company ever considered video email marketing for real estate agents? It’s common knowledge that agents can get fed up with seeing unsuccessful email campaigns fall through the cracks but using video email marketing strategies can be the ultimate solution!

With a company like Promo, video email marketing for real estate agents has never been easier. They can provide you with the high-quality content you want your realty company to have. If you want to see better results, video email marketing for real estate agents can get you there, and working with Promo is the first step.

What exactly is video email marketing for real estate agents and how does it affect your customer base? Fear not, we’ve outlined all you need to know about video email marketing for real estate agents below.

The Email Marketing Basics

Realty is a personal business and one that requires a lot of trust – you are selling people homes, after all. Amping up your marketing strategy with video email marketing for realtors can help you create better conversation with your customers, show them what they want to see, and build trust. According to Wordstream.com, an email that contains a video will increase your click-through rate by over 96 percent.

Using email marketing for real estate agents in your campaigns will help you communicate better with your customers. According to Real Estate Marketing Dude, about 60 percent of your effective communication is based on your tone, and you’re much more likely to convey a warm, pleasant, and effective tone if you’re on video speaking directly to your clientele. Text and emoticons simply don’t have the same effect that video does. More so, you’re able to utilize body language – how could you express this to your clients in your email marketing if you’re not including video?

More than that, when your clients see that you’re using video email marketing for real estate agents, they’ll feel more familiar with you, more at ease with you, and more likely to believe that you know what you’re talking about. Video and visual aids help your customers build trust and helps set you apart. You won’t just be sending out a mass email to any client that feels impersonal. Instead, your clients will feel special, like you’ve created a video just for them to see, and they’re like to pay more attention to what you have to say and stick through the entire video.

Using video email marketing for real estate agents is likely to help you engage your customers and retain their attention. They’re also a highly effective way to impress, inform, and entertain both new and current clients. It also helps you personalize and capitalize, and the stats don’t hurt either. According to eMarketer, about half of marketers who use video in email campaigns see increased click-through rates, increased time spent reading the email, and increased sharing and forwarding.

How To Create Email Marketing With Videos For Real Estate Agents

Now that you understand how video email marketing for real estate agents can help build your business, the next step is finding the right company to help you get there. That’s where Promo comes into action.

Every business needs video marketing, and your realty business is no different. Promo is there to help you create lots of videos for your realty success. Promo is a visual content platform that enables the creation of stand-out videos for ads, social websites, blogs, and of course, video email marketing for real estate agents. They offer ready-made collections, customizable videos, canned footage, messaging, and editing from an award-winning creative team. Promo is the company you want to trust with your video email marketing for realtors campaign!



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