Why Video Marketing for eCommerce Helps Brands Sell

Yael Klass
By Yael Klass
July 19, 2018 · 6 min read

You’ve built a brand, created a website, and your online store is open. Congratulations, a lot of time and hard work have been spent to bring you to this point. Of course, the work isn’t over. Your online store may be open, but now it’s time to get people in and start making sales. One way to accomplish this is through video marketing.

Let’s face it, the eCommerce business is as competitive as it is crowded. Brands of all sizes have a great interest in winning over new customers as well as retaining the old ones. The truth is that unless your product is truly unique, your customers have options.

And you know what? Even if your product IS truly unique, you still have to tell the world. Video marketing provides an excellent way for you to rise above the competition or introduce your brand to the world. All it takes is a little bit of time, some creativity, and some great video marketing content.

Why Video Marketing?

Consumer products and services rely heavily on “the human connection.” A common sales motto is that “people buy from people” and in the online world, that connection can be difficult to achieve.

Thankfully, video content can help bridge that gap. In fact, it has been bridging that gap for a few years now and shows no signs of slowing down. What’s more, the available data all points to video as the next big thing in eCommerce marketing.

  • Product videos increase the likelihood of purchase by a whopping 85%
  • After seeing an online video, eCommerce shoppers are 46% more likely to seek out that product online.

As online video consumption increases, it’s becoming increasingly necessary for businesses of all kinds to get in on the action and start selling with video content.

Video Marketing For eCommerce

From product videos to demonstrations, testimonials and tutorials to traditional video ads. Simply put, there’s a lot of ways for eCommerce businesses to say it with video. Here are just a few ways that video marketing can help your online brand sell.

Product Videos

Videos which demonstrate or showcase your product help viewers connect with both the product and your brand. Especially if your product is one that customers like to “feel.” Video is the next best thing to being there.

These videos can be easily created and shared across social media channels, in email marketing campaigns, or targeted ad campaigns. Product videos are a great way to connect with customers and may lead to increased conversions. In some cases, customers who views a product video were 144% more likely to purchase than those who didn’t.

Brand Story

Videos that helps tell your brand story or showcase your brand’s personality and culture can help connect with your target demographic. This goes a long way towards establishing that human connection as well as building trust with your audience/customers.

Brand story videos are a great way to build brand awareness. While they don’t sell a product or service directly, half the battle in eCommerce is getting your name out there. This is important since customers often need repeated exposure to a brand before they make the determination to buy from them.

Video Advertising

There’s no better way to advertise a consumer product online than with video. Advertising with video one of the highest ROIs of any online marketing medium. Facebook video ads has one of the highest click-through rates around.

Video Marketing Best Practices

Once you’ve made the decision to make video part of your eCommerce marketing strategy, the next step is to create the video. The good news is that creating beautiful, professional quality videos isn’t as difficult or expensive as you might think.

Creating videos is the easy part. But if you’re new to the dance, here’s a few moves to learn.

Keep It Short

Your ideal length for a video advertisement is between 30-60 seconds. Don’t try to cram too much into a single video. Rather, keep it short and to the point. If you’re advertising your business as a whole, deliver the important information and a strong call to action.

Plan a Social Media Strategy

Whatever type of video you’re creating, plan to share it on social media. Having social media accounts as a business is like having access to a free billboard. There really shouldn’t be any content you create that doesn’t go up there and video marketing content is no different.

Evergreen videos (videos that are not time sensitive) can be shared once or multiple times. Just leave enough time between re-posting so your audience doesn’t feel like they’re being spammed with the same content.

Stay Consistent

A single marketing video is good. Multiple marketing videos are better. Especially if you are running ads with your video content, it’s important to diversify your portfolio. You’ll want access to a variety of content that showcases/advertises specific products or targets a specific customer segment.

Depending upon what your eCommerce store sells, you may have multiple target demographics. Imagine a department store with many sections: women’s clothes, men’s clothes, sporting goods, etc. There’s certainly overlap with these sections but each has a defined target customer.

If your store caters to different types of customers, you’ll want video content which targets those segments. If you’re using your content to run video ads on Facebook you can use their advertising tools to target the specific customer for each video.

The Awesome Power of Video

Connecting with your customers while promoting your brand and products is what online marketing is all about. Video marketing is simply the best option today to achieve those goals. Most importantly, video marketing increases conversions by up to 80%. After all, the end result in eCommerce is to make new customers and make sales.

By using video, eCommerce brands can help set themselves apart from their competitors as well as introduce themselves to new customers every day. If you’ve got an eCommerce company to pilot, your skies will be a lot clearer if you harness the power of video marketing.

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