10 Ways to Increase Sales Using Product Videos

Richard Conn - Guest Writer
By Richard Conn - Guest Writer
January 25, 2021 · 9 min read

Chances are, you will use video in some way or another throughout the day. Whether you’re a content creator, you notice ads on social media, or you’re just hooked on YouTube, video is a big part of our lives. 

So why not use it as part of your brand communication strategy and add videos into your product description?

Not only do videos take your brand into the modern world, but they also help your product climb up the search engine ranks and draw in new audiences too. 

It makes sense to use videos alongside product descriptions as we head further into the age of online shopping. One major downside to online shopping is that you can’t physically touch the product. So, you don’t know how it feels, how heavy it is, how big it is, or what the quality is really like. 

But, using a product video gives customers an in-depth idea of what an item is really like. In turn,  it creates more sales and has higher customer satisfaction rates. 

According to Cisco, online videos will make up 82% of consumer internet traffic by 2022. So, perhaps it’s time for you to get ahead of the competition and get your video on. 

Whether you sell hats or provide customer retention services, let’s have a look at some of the ways product videos can increase your sales. 

1. Product Function Video

Ultimately, people want to know what a product does, the point of it and why they should buy it. Unless you are a huge brand that relies on your name alone, you will have to sell your product to your audience.

This is why the product video is perfect. It’s a great way to market your business and tell the world what you are all about. But more importantly, it shows your customers the specifics of your product and how it fits into their lives. 

Explaining the function of the video is especially important if you have a unique selling point or a particularly practical item. 

This video from Fjallraven, for example, shows how each part of its new backpack is suited to the user. This includes: 

  • Padded shoulder pads
  • A laptop compartment
  • Unique print
  • A large compartment

The video shows a person demonstrating the ruck sack’s compartments. It is simple, yet effective.

2. Create an Unboxing Video

An unboxing video is exactly what it sounds like, an unboxing. It takes the viewer through every stage of a new purchase. This type of video shows someone taking the product out of the box, putting the components together, and revealing what it looks like as a finished product. 

Let’s say, for example, you have released an accessory that turns a phone from a regular one to a modern progressive phone. You could make an unboxing video that shows a person unpacking the accessory. They’re analyzing how it works, connecting the equipment, then demonstrating it. 

Unboxing videos are great for firms as they show exactly what the product is and what it does. Remember to excite the customer about the product, build up suspense, and add in some personality. 

3. Use a Customer Unboxing Video 

As you probably guessed, this is the same as an unboxing video, just done by the customer instead. Doing this adds an element of ‘realness’ to your product and shows the experience from a customer, rather than the company’s point of view. 

When making videos for your business, you always need to keep the customer at the heart of what you do. So, this type of unboxing video will cover a point that you may not have thought about when doing during your own unboxing. 

It’s exciting, impartial and even comes with a customer testimonial. 

4. Make A How-To Video 

Let’s face it, no one reads instructions leaflets anymore. If a person wants to know how to do something, they will watch a video about it. So, if you have a product that needs a bit of extra explaining, a video is a great way to do it. 

You are more likely to use this sort of video when it comes to complex issues. These might include showing viewers how to figure out fiddly gadgets, or teaching people how to use tools for managing projects

The best way to do this is to show the product or service in action. Try to keep the video as straightforward as possible. Make sure it is interesting, explanatory, and engaging. 

5. Use A Product Tour Video

This is similar to, but not the same as a how-to video. These kinds of videos tend to be reserved for items that have a lot of features to get to grips with. It might be, for example, about digital cameras, mobile phones, or computers. Although they are still short, they also tend to be a little longer than other product videos. This is because they really get into the nitty-gritty of what a product’s all about.

People often don’t take advantage of product features because they don’t always know they are there. So, product tour videos work well because they offer lots of valuable detail on how the product works. 

If you have a lot to talk about, you could even make a series of videos about a product or service. For example, you could organize it like this: 

  • Video one: What is fixed VoIP?
  • Video two: How fixed VoIP will benefit your firm
  • Video three: What the future of fixed VoIP means for communication

In doing this, you are showing that your product has a lot to offer. 

6. Encourage Customer Testimonial Videos

Nothing says trustworthy products like a great customer testimonial. Although written reviews are good, a video is much easier to understand and is more relatable too. Testimonials become more important as we learn who to trust when it comes to navigating cybersecurity when shopping online. 

They also give a human touch and a fresh perspective to a product. What’s more, testimonial videos talk to people in a way that doesn’t revolve around selling. 

Customers will mention the reality of: 

  • How well a product works
  • What it feels like
  • If it is true to description
  • If it is worth the money

Even if a couple of negative points are mentioned, it’s much better to have an obviously genuine video than a suspiciously perfect written review. 

7. Make A Lifehack Video

People are always looking for ways to make life easier and save money. Lifehack videos are a good way to show customers how your product can do just that. They show people a fresh way to use your product that they may not have thought of before. 

Let’s say you sell towels. You can talk about how they are great to use at home to prop yourself up on the sofa and make working remotely a success. You can suggest using them as a draught excluder to save money on heating. You can even talk about how they can be recycled into face cloths, tea towels, or cleaning cloths when they seem like they are ready for the trash.

Remember that the more useful a product is, the more people will want it. 

8. Optimize A Close-Up Video

If you were making a company video on the top 3 alternatives to Trello, you would put in as much detail as possible. So, why not do the same for product videos? 

Say your product has special detail or pattern, using a close-up is the perfect way to sell these unique points. Using a video in this way works as a great replacement for the human eye. It lets the customer see the parts that they really want to and would look for when shopping in real life. 

Even if you just want to show off your sleek design, like Apple, a close-up is a good way to represent your product. 

9. Build an Installation Video 

In a bid to save on labor expenses, many companies now opt to sell products that they do not have to assemble themselves. 

If you make an installation video, it can make the building process a whole lot easier for the customer to understand. This, in turn, means they are more likely to return to you. It also shows how the product will look once it is assembled. 

If you offer services, rather than a product, you can make an installation video for this, too. For example, you could make a video that shows the process of how to download, install, and use marketing automation

10. Make A Product Story Video

It’s always nice to add some personality to products. Making a product story video is a really lovely way to do this. 

Maybe you want to discuss why you decided to add in VoIP local number calling as part of your service. Or perhaps you want to talk about the birth of a new flavor chocolate bar you sell. It could even be that you want to share the story of how your coffee goes from farm to cup. 

Try to show how your product fits into a person’s day. Doing this and giving a product character will help a customer see it as something they want in their lives. 

In Closing

Making a video is an easy method that yields great resultsespecially in the digital age. Once you have made your video, be sure to share it on social media. The right sort of video looks good, is concise with great information, and appeals to people’s emotions.

Doing research and making a storyboard will make sure that you get the ideas you want out there. But no matter which type of product video you make, you’re bound to have fun making something creative and original. 

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