12 Real Estate Video Ideas for the Holidays (Plus Examples)

Promo Team
By Promo Team
July 28, 2022 · 12 min read

It’s the season to build trust with your followers. While real estate videos can help you create some much-needed brand awareness, if done right, during the holiday season they’ll also help you connect better than ever with your audience and in return – close more deals. 

In this article, we will show you some examples of creative real estate videos for the holidays that will help you ring out 2021 in the best possible way. 

Wait, Why Holiday Videos 

From drone videos and virtual tours to TikTok and YouTube videos, it is a known fact that successful real estate agents are selling homes with videos. Here are just three statistics that show why the average real estate agent has to add video to their marketing strategy.

  1. Facebook video ads receive 3 times more engagement than sponsored photos, and organic videos receive 38% more engagement than photos.
  2. On Facebook, video ads have 20-30% higher conversion rates compared to photo ads.
  3. With email marketing, simply adding the word “video” to your text can increase email open rates by 6%.

Top Holiday Video-Making Tips

A moment before you start spreading holiday cheer with your real estate marketing videos, here are some Promo tips to keep in mind!

1. Don’t forget to add festive and uplifting holiday music to your videos this season! Take a dive into our music library and add cheer to every December video you create. While you’re welcome to type in “Christmas” or “Winter” and listen to the dozens of festive holiday tracks, we recommend you select the genre, mood, and tempo to save time and find the perfect tune for your holiday promotional videos.

2. No matter what type of videos you create this season, be sure to narrow down your search terms. Whether you’re looking for a holiday template or a starting from scratch, be sure to add specific search terms like “Christmas home,” or “Christmas tree” rather than just “Christmas.” Not only will this help you find the perfect footage for your project, but it will help you create videos that stand out amongst the rest.

3. Nothing says “festive” like a special edition holiday font. Get your clients in the holiday spirit by using our festive holiday text styles. Whether you’re promoting an open house, driving engagement, or posting a “Year in Review” video, use these merry text styles to add a cheerful touch to each and every one of your videos.

Real Estate Video Ideas for Holiday Marketing

Start a Community Holiday Contest 

Partner with other local companies to host a mini competition. You can choose your partners as judges. They can also help you promote the contest. Some contest ideas for the holiday include:

  • Christmas tree decoration contest
  • Holiday-themed pet costume contest
  • Best gift wrapping contest
  • Cutest children Santa letter contest
  • Best Santa costume contest
  • Santa’s cookie recipe contest
  • Pumpkin carving contest
  • Christmas morning reaction contest
  • Funniest holiday trolling contest

60-65% of adults report experiencing stress during Christmas. You’d be surprised how much people would appreciate good holiday fun that a contest delivers. 

Quick tip: Promote your contest on social media, especially via Instagram stories, and offer something worthwhile. A study by “Gifting Who” found that most people (44.5%) prefer receiving experience gifts, such as spending quality time with someone else.

Send Out Personalized “Happy Holidays” Video Emails

Did you know that 68% of sellers who used a real estate agent found their agents through a referral by friends or family, and 53% used the agent they previously worked with to buy or sell a home?

When it comes to Real Estate marketing, referrals are one of the most crucial offline methods of growing your business. The holiday season is a wonderful time to show your past and current client how much you care for them by sending them a personalized holiday video. 

The great news is that creating personal videos is super easy. All you need to do is have a master greeting video ready on Promo (create one for all major religions). Duplicate your master for each customer, and change the name in the text accordingly. 

Quick Tip: While email videos will require you to upload your videos to a hosting site like Wistia, GIFs can be embedded directly into the email. Consider turning your personalized holiday video to GIF if a more accessible solution is what you are after.

Plan a Short Community Holiday Video or Slideshow

Time to capture the holiday spirit in your key neighborhoods. The farmers’ market, events, Christmas lights designs, holiday attractions, support groups and sights. Display the local community ambiance in your video. 

Chicago Realtor, Brittany Wrenn did this in one of her videos where she shows snippets of the Chicago lifestyle. In just 4 minutes. The video below highlights the holiday season in Chicago. 

As stats reveal that many shoppers are buying local and showing more mindfulness with purchases this year. Consequently, it might be a good time to document some of the best places for retail shopping in your neighborhood. You can also talk about the best restaurants, best holiday attractions, and minority-owned businesses in your neighborhood. Or simply tell a good story about the history of your town or city.  

Quick Tip: Make sure your video or slideshow isn’t too long. We recommend three minutes max.  Promote the video on short-form video platforms like TikTok or YouTube stories by using a cliffhanger at the end of the 60 seconds to redirect your audience to your website or full video location.

Share Winter Real Estate Stats/Ideas

Homeowners looking to list their homes are always on the lookout for the best sources of information. On the buying side, winter is usually listed as the worst time to buy a house because there are few listings on the market. 

This is the best time to display your market authority as a local real estate agent. And what is the best way to present this kind of information in a way that readers won’t find boring? Video. These aren’t the fun “Christmas carol” type videos, but the right information can help buyers and sellers trust you as someone who knows the market.

Stats you want to spotlight in your video includes:

  • Notable available and sold listings in your neighborhood.
  • New housing market legislation both locally and statewide
  • Statistics regarding your own closed sales and listings
  • Home prices and trends – are they going up or coming down?

Create a Holiday Music Video

Disclaimer: Don’t try this if your team just can’t sing. Albeit, this can present a funny twist to the holiday music video. Brands create these types of videos on a regular basis come the holiday season. And while these can be cheesy, they help customers and prospects connect with your brand. 

Holiday music can range from rap to carols. And you don’t need to be all stolid or make it as perfect as the Wells Cathedral choir would sing. But you have to show energy and a fun vibe like in this real estate holiday video from PremierPremeer real estate.

Quick tip: You can have each team member shoot themselves holding a sign and merge the videos together using some fun holiday music.

Prepare a Year-in-review

It is important for businesses to share their wins and losses with their customers occasionally. The main thing here is to keep all the media and photos that you find meaningful to your year, e.g., when you closed your biggest deal in the year, or how you celebrated at a team member’s wedding. While platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok provide organic year-in-review videos, these are not fully editable. 

Ensure your year-in-review video showcases your team members and team culture. And understand that the sole purpose of this type of video is to create brand awareness, not to sell. 

Quick tip: Choose the right music, background color, and fonts when creating your year in review slideshow.

Focus on Holiday Home Decoration and Staging Tips 

Staging and decoration videos can never go out of style because people love them. One of the reasons why many people do not list homes during winter is because staging a home in winter is usually a bit more difficult than staging in Spring. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t doable. 

Offer tips on creating a cozy vibe during the holidays. For example,  how to clean, declutter, and stage homes during the holidays, or how to put up Christmas lights and simple string lighting without going overboard. You can even invite a staging expert who is more qualified to offer your seller audience winter home staging tips. 

Here’s an example of a holiday staging tips live video from Nest real estate group

Quick tip: Use humor to drive some engagement. Also, add a call to action to your video. You can ask viewers to drop their comments about the tips you’ve offered, or to send in their favorite winter home decor tip.

Share your Favorite Holiday At-Home Recipe

We mentioned the holiday cookie contest, which offers a smart way to leverage user-generated content. How about you create yours and show your customers? Time to put your chef attire on. I love this recipe video from the Halcomb Group at Keller Williams. 

And what if you’ve not had time to perfect cooking your favorite recipe. You can have someone over with you on the video or just add a fun twist to your recipe video as Paul Gomberg, Houston’s Rockstar Realtor does here in this video.

Quick Tip: Promo’s footage library has everything you need to share your recipe without having to step inside your kitchen and shoot for yourself.

Host and a Giveback Event

The holidays are a time for appreciation and review, but they are really the best time to give back to society. The holidays are known as the most wonderful time of the year because this is when people are in the “giving” mode. This is the time when your real estate brand should think about giving to those who don’t have much.

For example, the winter period is naturally not a good time to be homeless. How about partnering with a couple of other businesses or nonprofits like Habitat for Humanity to raise awareness and help the homeless in your community with winter coats and other supplies to make life easier?

Capturing generosity on video makes for great, emotive content that people love. Giving back doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg, it can just be a food drive or coat drive for families in need. It can also be as simple as helping create awareness for minority-owned businesses in your neighborhood 

Quick Tip: Make sure to create buzz around your giving back event through social media. If you have collaborated with partners, ensure they are sharing the event on social media too. For example, the folks at Argo real estate professionals created this short clip on TikTok and shared it on other social platforms to drive awareness for their community food drive.

Create an awesome holiday listing video

There is no doubt that people will still be buying and listing homes during the holidays. But instead of your normal approach to creating listing videos, holiday listing videos should come with more creativity as they can be used as part of wide-reaching campaigns. Consider adding holiday bells and whistles in your listing videos using any of Promo’s holiday templates.

You can also add some unique flair to the video with drone footage like in this Hard Rock hotel holiday video. Compared to the traditional method of hiring a professional photographer to take real estate shots of your house’s exterior, drone cameras could offer more spectacular views. 

AMA (Ask me anything) Live Videos

Live Facebook Q&As have become more common these days. These sessions, which used to be the bread and butter of Reddit, have now been adopted by mainstream social media. They offer a way to transparently engage with your audience. 

AMAs have grown more popular since they offer something different from the run-of-the-mill content that people are familiar with. They offer interactivity. The holidays are a great time to host these kinds of live videos as you can provide answers to people’s real estate questions in a fun and relaxed setting. On the viewer’s side, they have their real estate questions answered by an expert. Consider these tips when planning to host an AMA live Facebook or Instagram session: 

  • Plan it. You want to be clear on who’s going to speak. If you are inviting an expert, say that in your promotions beforehand. You also want to check out your analytics to determine what time of the day your audience is most active online to get more eyeballs for your live video event. Decide if you want users to submit ahead of time or when the event kicks off. Before your event, you want to create a solid promotion plan.
  • Have a moderator collect and organize the questions, and then feed them to you or your invited guest during the live event.

Post a “Thank You” Video

There’s no catch here: it’s just a wham-bam “thank you for your patronage.” Thank you videos work great, and many businesses integrate them into their end-of-the-year email campaigns because people want to be appreciated. You want to make your clients and prospects feel valued for being part of your community. Unlike the holiday music video, the thank you video is one video that doesn’t require much professional help. 

You can have folks from your team send out quick personalized thank you messages to customers, combine and then edit all them  into a nice thank you video. Infuse emotion into your thank-you videos like these guys did.

One Last Thing

Now that you’ve seen some examples of engaging real estate promotional videos for holiday marketing, you should try out one or two of these this year to create more brand awareness. You can get started with any of Promo’s real estate video templates or check out more holiday video ideas here.

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