13 Amazing YouTube Intro Ideas To Inspire You in 2024

Burkhard Berger - Guest Writer
By Burkhard Berger - Guest Writer
December 12, 2023 · 12 min read

Finding success on YouTube comes down to making videos that are able to capture and retain the attention of your viewers and increase your conversions

One of the best ways to achieve this is by making a lasting impression through the use of excellent YouTube intros that prove your videos are worth watching. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at 13 amazing YouTube intro ideas and examples from which you can draw some serious inspiration.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

1. Ted Talk


This Ted Talk YouTube video intro is a great example of a short, beautifully captured sequence that tells the audience what the brand is about: TED Ideas Worth Spreading. 

Although the intro might look a bit intimidating at first, the good news is you don’t need to hire animators or invest in any expensive or flashy animation tools to showcase your brand on YouTube. 

All you need are some great YouTube intro templates that work for your brand and you will be able to hook your audience and make them eager to return for more…

This site that sells digital marketing courses is a great example of a brand that might benefit from a template such as the one in the example above. This template, which is based on the big bang, would also work well for other educational websites, such as this one that focuses on study materials

2. Salma Jafra

This video intro from Salma Jafri tells a short story about the video’s main takeaway and includes an eight-second intro sequence. 

Everything is in purple, which is her brand color; this helps the audience recognize her videos on YouTube.

Just keep in mind that in addition to a solid intro, you also need to plug in your content at the end of the video, or outro using a video maker. Otherwise you won’t generate the traffic you deserve. You also need to adhere to basic SEO guidelines to make sure your videos are found by your target audience. 

This website that shares information on vegan and plant-based recipes is a good example of a brand that might benefit from the YouTube video template showcased in the example above. 

3. Jazza


The idea of making a winning YouTube video intro may seem a bit daunting when you consider the level of competition that is out there. Thankfully, there are tons of professional templates that make it easy even for tech-challenged individuals to create high-quality intros for their brand. 

The video intro above is a great example of a template that you can use over and over again to market your brand. 

Jazza uses it to communicate his passion for teaching people how to draw, paint, and animate. It’s a great sequential presentation that beautifully represents his mission, and the same template would also be great for creating a video intro for this site that offers language lessons.

4. “Pump Red” Cinema Template


This template is great for capturing the imagination of your viewers. With over 1.9 billion YouTube users consuming 1 billion hours of video every day, you must work harder to make sure your videos stand out from the rest. 

Your intros need to be smart, eye-catching, and captivating from the moment your viewers hit the play button on your YouTube video. 

If you fail to hook your audience and keep them watching, they will leave and look for more interesting videos elsewhere. So make sure you follow the example in the template above and use a catchy soundtrack, interesting visuals, and on-brand messaging. 

5. SciShow

A good intro sets up who you are and the kind of videos you make – and, it does so as quickly as possible. 

The trick here is to be able to instantly grab your viewers’ attention and convince them that your video is a great fit for them.

The intro above is a great example of how you can introduce your brand’s name, theme, and tone into your YouTube video intro. Such an intro lets you know very quickly exactly what to expect, and the awesome design and animation show off production value. 

Brands like this one that focuses on sleep studies can benefit from this type of YouTube video intro template. 

6.Orange Cinema Template

This is a super cool intro template that would work exceptionally well for fashion-forward brands. It has a bold, energetic color scheme that is extremely effective for captivating viewers’ attention. 

When thinking about the type of intro you want to create, you need to look around at what other brands in your niche are using, and then create a list of your own personal favorites. 

But, whichever template to decide to use, make sure your intro includes video-specific information, and templatize it for reuse in the future. 

For example, a brand that focuses on review articles, such as this Bluehost vs. Hostgator review or a post like this Wix vs. Shopify comparison posts might use this template to give their audience a quick explanation of their comparison posts.

7. Yuya

Source: Medium.com 

YouTube intro templates come in all shapes and sizes. You’ll find all types of custom designs and animations you can imagine. 

The video intro above is from Mexican-born, Mariand Castrejon, known to her YouTube fans as Yuya is a great example of a sequence that sums up your creativity and personality while showcasing your expertise.

When creating your intro, just remember that brevity is key, so do your best to keep it short and sweet, just like the example above.

This website that sells sexy outfits is an example of a brand that might benefit from this type of video intro.

8. Aperture

Your YouTube video intros should succinctly predict what your viewers will see while also establishing your brand. 

You can opt for ultra minimalism, where the video intro simply has a name card and nothing else, or you can use video intro templates that animate your logo. If you need to shorten your content use a video cutter tool to make life easier.

The example above from Aperture uses lower thirds graphics rather than formal YouTube video intro templates. The frame is then blurred out to show the video title card. 

This is a great template to use if you want an intro that gets right to the point and maintains your brand colors exactly as they are. This template would work perfectly for a serious brand like this detox center in Austin

9. Crash Course Physics

This 10-second animation sequence from Crash Course Physics encapsulates the way our understanding of the laws of physics has changed over the years, starting with the falling apple, which references Isaac Newton’s law of gravity. 

It’s a great way to keep your audience engaged, which is necessary if you want to make money online with your YouTube videos. A site like this one that focuses on resource allocation is a great example of a brand that might find this type of YouTube video intro a perfect fit.  

10. Electric Shock Template

Creating red-hot YouTube intros to delight and surprise your audience doesn’t have to be hard, as long as you have a great template to use. 

This YouTube video intro template from Sony Vegas/After Effects can help you wow your audience and keep them electrified long enough so they will watch the remainder of your video. 

It makes use of bright colors, short scenes, and a fast pace to make your viewers sit up and take notice of your video.

Some brands that might benefit from such a video include software vendors like Sender, and this brand that focuses on essentials for sales management

11. Premiere Gal

One of the main things to keep in mind when creating video intros is that you need to maintain brand consistency

This video intro template from Premier Gal is a great example of how you can create YouTube video intros that are engaging and fun and still stay true to your brand identity. The video starts with a five-second intro, and you can clearly see the video title and her icon.  

12. Funny or Die

This YouTube video intro from Funny or Die runs for just 2.3 seconds. The runtime of your YouTube video intro should be kept to a minimum if you want to maintain view engagement. 

Your audience engagement levels decrease significantly for intros that run longer than 25 seconds. This means people are more likely to skip or click away before they get to the actual video content. 

That’s why channels like the one in the example above use very short intros to boost their audience retention levels. 

13. Good Mythical Morning

Rhett and Link’s daily show features tons of funny music videos and sketches. Take a page out of their book and use weirdness to capture your audience’s attention. 

Just keep in mind that your YouTube video intro should not be too short or too long. It should be just long enough to allow you to make an impression on your viewers, but short enough that it doesn’t call too much attention to itself. If you’re looking for that slider effect, try using our photo to video maker and choose your desired transition.

So, make sure you define the template you use as much as you can for maximum brevity and impact. This type of weird and fun video intro template might prove effective for injecting a bit of fun into brands that focus on otherwise “boring” or uninteresting topics, such as this predictive dialer website. 

Tips For Making Excellent YouTube Intros

Creating compelling YouTube intros will benefit you in a number of ways. You’ll be able to influence customer behavior so you can boost your viewing engagement and make it more likely that your YouTube audience will stay to consume the rest of your video content. 

By extending watch time on your channel, you’ll ensure that YouTube’s algorithm serves up your videos to relevant searches in the future, helping you generate even more traffic and make more sales

Below are a few tips to keep in mind when creating your YouTube intros: 

  • Brevity is Key:

    As previously mentioned, the shorter your intro, the better. Long intros will result in lower engagement levels. So keep your intro under 10 seconds whenever possible. 

  • Maintain Your Brand Voice:

    Your brand voice should always come first. The YouTube video intro you create should suit your brand, and for those that don’t have an established brand yet, you can work on polishing your brand identity first before creating a video intro that will cement your viewers’ perception of your brand in a quick and clear way. Use our lyric video maker to add lyrics in a manner and style that matches you brand. 

  • Use a Song to Match Your Tone:

    The song you choose should match your brand’s tone and get your viewers on board. Rather than going with popular tracks that everyone else is using, search for seldom-used royalty-free tracks that will set the right tone for your business. Make sure the tempo matches the pace of your video to keep things moving briskly forward. You can do this easily by adding audio to video.

  • Match Your Brand Style:

    With so many different YouTube video intro templates to choose from, it’s easy to let your creativity run wild and forget about the importance of maintaining brand consistency. Make sure the colors of your intro video are consistent with all your other assets, such as your banners, thumbnails, and your logo.

  • Use the Right Tools:

    If you are wondering how to make a YouTube intro, know that using the right video maker tools and intro templates will determine the quality of your final result. Make sure you choose only the best tools to help you create intros that stand out from the rest. This also includes tools like Copyleaks to make sure that your video text, audio descriptions, captions, and transcriptions are error-free. The right video cropper can also ensure you have the perfect size for any and all social media platforms.


All successful YouTubers and YouTube channels have a signature video intro sequence that helps to warm up their viewers to the upcoming video. 

Creating a great intro for your brand will help you reinforce your unique brand voice and wow your audience – not only on YouTube, but also on your landing pages, social media, webinars, and other places where you share your videos. 

In this article we outlined 13 amazing YouTube intro examples to help you find inspiration. Use this information to help you choose the right template for your brand so you can create amazing YouTube intros to engage and delight your audience.

Which of the YouTube video intro examples above do you find the most appealing? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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