From Anonymous to Spotlighted: How PromoAI Helped “Without Warning”

Michael Shtern
By Michael Shtern
July 8, 2024 · 6 min read


Without Warning, led by Sheila Wysocki, is a private investigative firm dedicated to solving cold cases across the United States. Sheila founded the firm to bring closure to grieving families, focusing solely on victims’ families, reflecting her ethical commitment to justice.

The firm is small, allowing for focused and personalized attention to each case. Sheila’s “Wysocki Cold Case Resolution Method™” includes innovative techniques like “Crowdsourcing Justice™,” engaging the public and leveraging community insights to solve cases that have remained unsolved for years.

From its inception, Without Warning has been mission-driven, aiming to bring visibility to cold cases and give voice to victims through strategic storytelling and public engagement.

Challenges in Social Media Marketing

Before adopting PromoAI, Sheila Wysocki of Without Warning grappled with the time-consuming nature of social media marketing. Her role as a private investigator, concentrating on intricate cold cases, required her full attention and left minimal time for developing effective marketing materials. The unique and sensitive nature of her services also necessitated tailored communications, which added another layer of complexity. Sheila noted the primary value she sought with PromoAI: “Nobody knew I was out there prior to having the videos available and using AI to put it together.” This gap in her marketing strategy meant that Without Warning was not reaching its potential in visibility, which could have led to more families receiving the help they desperately needed.

Discovery and Experience with PromoAI

Sheila’s introduction to PromoAI came at a critical time when Without Warning needed a more efficient way to manage its digital presence. Her marketing specialist, recognizing the potential for easing the burden of content creation, suggested PromoAI as a solution. Sheila was initially attracted by the promise of simplifying video production—a crucial tool in her mission to educate the public about her unique services.

Upon implementing PromoAI, Sheila quickly appreciated its user-friendly interface and the ability to generate professional-quality videos with minimal input. This ease of use was crucial for her, as she could not divert significant time away from her investigative duties. PromoAI not only facilitated the creation of engaging content but also empowered Sheila to maintain a consistent online presence without the need for extensive marketing resources. The tool’s capacity to craft compelling narratives around cold cases allowed Sheila to effectively convey the importance and uniqueness of her work to a broader audience.


Impact and Outcomes

The adoption of PromoAI marked a significant turning point for Without Warning’s marketing efforts. By leveraging PromoAI’s video creation and AI-driven content tools, Sheila was able to dramatically enhance her firm’s social media presence and public engagement. This tool allowed for a more effective communication of the services they provide, crucially raising public awareness about the firm’s unique role in solving cold cases. This newfound visibility has not only increased brand recognition but also expanded their audience, particularly on platforms like LinkedIn and TikTok, where their professional and impactful content has resonated strongly with viewers. Importantly, PromoAI has also saved Sheila significant time in content creation, allowing her to focus more on her primary investigative work.

Workflow Integration

Within Without Warning, both Sheila Wysocki and her dedicated marketing specialist actively engage with PromoAI, contributing to a highly effective social media strategy. Sheila, who is deeply involved in the process, reviews and approves content daily, ensuring each post aligns with the firm’s objectives and maintains the desired message consistency. This daily routine of content selection and approval helps keep the firm’s social media presence vibrant and relevant.

Sheila and her team utilize PromoAI across various social channels, notably TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. This broad spectrum allows them to target different demographics effectively and leverage each platform’s strengths to enhance their visibility and engagement. This strategic use of PromoAI not only streamlines the content creation process but also ensures a steady stream of high-quality, informative videos that keep their audience engaged and informed.

Content Strategy

Sheila Wysocki uses PromoAI to manage a robust daily content strategy across multiple social media platforms, including TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. For TikTok, she directly publishes videos from PromoAI to quickly engage a broad audience. On Facebook and Instagram, Sheila adjusts her strategy due to their unique engagement and tracking metrics.

Sheila utilizes YouTube to publish Shorts, taking advantage of the format’s popularity for quick and engaging video content. On LinkedIn, she employs educational videos as a key strategy. These include series like “Five Things to Know About a Cold Case,” which are concisely packed into a single video under a minute long, efficiently delivering complex information in an accessible format.

User Experience

Sheila Wysocki’s experience with PromoAI has been notably positive, particularly highlighting its ease of use and efficiency. “It’s easy to use, it’s not time-consuming, which is important in my business,” Sheila shared, underscoring how PromoAI seamlessly fits into her demanding schedule.

She finds the AI-driven customization options effective, allowing her to maintain her brand’s voice and aesthetics effortlessly. The ability to swiftly generate professional-quality videos has enabled her to maintain a consistent online presence without detracting from her investigative work.

Despite the overall satisfaction, Sheila did provide constructive feedback, noting the need for more diverse and creative content to avoid repetitiveness. Her insights are being considered by PromoAI’s development team for future improvements.


Sheila Wysocki’s integration of PromoAI into her marketing strategy for Without Warning illustrates the transformative power of advanced marketing tools for niche businesses. PromoAI has enabled Sheila to overcome the challenges of limited time and resources, allowing her to create and maintain a strong online presence across multiple platforms. The tool’s user-friendly interface and AI-driven capabilities have streamlined her content creation process, leading to significant improvements in brand visibility and engagement.

From daily video updates on TikTok to educational content on LinkedIn, Sheila has effectively utilized PromoAI to reach a diverse audience, boosting awareness of her cold case investigative services. Her experience highlights both the strengths of PromoAI and areas for future improvement, such as increasing content diversity to prevent repetitiveness.

Overall, PromoAI has significantly contributed to Without Warning’s growth, providing Sheila with the means to educate the public about her services and maintain consistent engagement with her audience. This case study underscores the potential for small businesses to leverage AI-driven tools to enhance their marketing efforts and achieve measurable success.


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