How this solopreneur increased her visibility by 77% with videos

Yael Klass
By Yael Klass
February 3, 2020 · 5 min read

We <3 our customers!  They create amazing content, they leave us positive reviews, but more importantly, they use video to get results

Their videos inspire us every day, and it’s exciting to be able to share their stories of success on our blog. In case you missed it, we’ve conducted in-depth case studies with an educational center in New Zealand, a PPC agency in the U.S., an app development firm in Portugal; just to name a few. 

Today we’re going to take a look at how female entrepreneur Sharon Hadden, founder of Content Planning Company, uses to grow her coaching and digital course business. 

So who is Sharon and how does she use video to grow her business? Here’s the story…

Content Planning Company

Sharon Hadden’s path to entrepreneurship wasn’t exactly a linear journey. From graduating with a master’s degree to serving in the public sector to becoming an agency owner to working as an in-house tech marketer, Sharon was not short on success, but she always felt something was missing. 

Her female peers were constantly reaching out to her to ask how she was able to build her brand with online content, and very soon, helping them became her passion. It ultimately became an easy choice to do that full time, and thus, the Content Planning Company was born. 

The goal of Content Planning Company is simple:

Help women in business show up consistently online with digital marketing courses and coaching. 

Everyone knows that if you want to show up online, you need video. From her years as a marketing consultant, Sharon knew that her video content was essential. But of course, understanding the need for video is a lot easier than the execution of a video marketing strategy. Or is it?

The challenge

After reading the book How to Shoot Video that Doesn’t Suck by Steve Stockman, Sharon began formulating her video marketing strategy to include the different ‘genres’ of online videos, such as: 

  • Brand videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Testimonials

In order to execute her strategy, Sharon needed two things from her video production process: 

  1. Videos that are specifically formatted for social media
  2. The ability to efficiently produce lots of videos

Her search for a video creation solution that fulfilled these two needs eventually led her to 

“ has been a game-changer because the pre-built templates direct you into the genres of videos that you need to create. It’s a shortcut into effective video marketing because you don’t have to think about ‘What all goes into a social media ad? Should it be 15 seconds or 30 seconds?’ provides a blueprint with the recommended length and the types of slides and images.” 

Sharon does a lot of her marketing on Instagram. She’s developed a knack for creating irresistible video content that her audiences consistently show up to watch, like, and share. Instagram Stories, specifically, have been a large part of her success on the platform. is one of the only online video creation platforms that format for vertical video, which has been a huge help in making sure Sharon’s content shows up in Stories looking polished and professional. From marketing advice, tips on producing content, and growth hacks for building a freelance business, the content Sharon produces keeps her audience engaged. 

The results

With a modest ad budget she had to promote her digital courses on Instagram, Sharon was able to achieve the visibility she was looking for. She ran a combination of video and image ads. 

“I was able to reach 1,553 people with the image ad, but when I ran the video ad, my reach was 2,751 people. That’s 1,100+ more people being made aware of my brand!”

Even with the increased reach of video, Sharon doesn’t discount the use of image-based ads in her digital marketing funnels because they also drove registrations. She believes in a combination of both for a fully formed digital marketing strategy. 

What’s next?

In the coming months, expect to see a lot more video ads coming from the Content Planning Company as Sharon launches the Digital Content Academy, a 5-step program teaching women entrepreneurs how to plan, publish and promote digital content.

Oh, and she’ll still be creating video content for her consulting clients. 

“Without Promo, I don’t think I would have been able to confidently deliver video content to my clients. I’m a one-woman show, with help from freelance consultants here and there, but I don’t have a robust studio for video production, nor do I have a background in videography. Promo has been great because I no longer feel like I have to ‘wing it’ or hire expensive agencies. Anytime I need to create a video, I feel confident that Promo will have a template to help me tell my story. And, my clients appreciate the cost savings I’m able to pass along, while still delivering high-quality videos.” – Sharon Hadden, founder of Content Planning Company



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