The Importance of B2B Video Marketing

March 15, 2018 · 2 min read

The Importance of B2B Video Marketing

While B2C video marketing is booming, B2B video marketing isn’t often as top-of-mind when formulating an online strategy. There is a myth that video marketing doesn’t hold the same value in the B2B buyer journey, however, nothing could be further from the truth.

Why B2B Video Marketing Matters: The Numbers

According to a research from Google, B2B video marketing is an area that is quickly growing. Businesses in this space would be wise to follow the path as it is one area where Google has seen the most growth in video year over year.

In all, 70% of B2B buyers and researchers are using video content during their buyer journey. What’s more, this behavior continues from discovery to purchase. Nearly half of researchers are watching 30 minutes or more of B2B video marketing content, and 1 in 5 reports they are watching an hour or more.

So, what are you waiting for? Isn’t it time to incorporate B2B video marketing into your online strategy?

What Kind Of Creating Content To Create

The type of content you create for your videos may depend largely on your products or even your industry.  Explainer videos, commercials, and product demonstrations are all popular choices for the type of content you can create.

Businesses, like people, are purchasing a product or service to solve a problem. A problem that your business can solve. Demonstrate that ability by creating content which addresses your target businesses pain points and how your business has the cure for what ails them.

Along the way, it’s okay to have some fun, too. Everyone loves a good laugh. Focus on content that is not only informative and helpful; but interesting and engaging as well. Inject a little humor into your video content, be creative, and, who knows, maybe the next viral video success will be yours.

Utilize Multi-Use Content

One of the greatest attributes of creating video content is the variety of ways it can be used. Videos can be used in newsletters, shared across social media platforms, on your website, and more. In fact, by the numbers, it’s no secret how powerful video marketing has become.

How Often Should I Create Videos?

As often as you’d like! Seriously. Smaller companies create an average of 10-20 pieces of B2B video marketing content per year. Larger companies may create 100 or more. The choice is up to you, however, the more content you create, the better off you are.

Marketing with video content is all about commitment and consistency. A single video is helpful. Two is better. However, if you’re consistently putting out high-quality, engaging B2B video marketing content, the sky’s the limit.

But Isn’t Creating Video Content Expensive?

Sure, you can hire a professional videographer, assemble a team, and create a masterpiece of content for tens of thousands of dollars. And that’s just or one video. You want to create dozens! Wouldn’t it be better to create it yourself, with one easy-to-use program that does the heavy lifting for you?

Promo by Slidely is an easy to use creative platform which helps create high-quality standout videos for businesses of all sizes in a way that is engaging, affordable, and effective. With endless creative opportunities, a video library of over 3.5 million video clips, professionally edited music, and 24/7 support,  Promo is your go-to website for all your B2B video marketing needs.


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