11 Video Marketing Tools to Boost Performance  

May 10, 2018 · 5 min read

What’s the biggest and baddest tool in your shed? Can it outperform everything else?

When it comes to the digital arena, every business needs to seriously consider bringing their own content to the match. However, this goes beyond simple text or blog posts. No online marketing strategy is complete without a video creation platform.

Video is arguably the most important aspect of a successful marketing plan today. Here are a few numbers to show why it’s the sickest tool you got:

You can reach a larger audience and drive traffic using the right video marketing strategy. Despite these facts, many business owners don’t know where to start. To help, we’ve put together a list of our top video marketing platforms to get you pumped and equipped for wrestling the competition:


1. Hoostuite

Hootsuite is a super popular site where you can manage and market all your social videos in one spot. Simultaneously schedule and post to Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook like a boss.

Their user-friendly dashboard allows you to drag and drop media files straight into a simple interface that you can then schedule to do all the heavy lifting. It’s like a coloring book for artists. Easy peasy. You just stick to being creative!

Cost: Free. Pricing plans go up from there.

2. Sellamations

Sellamations is for doodlers who want to create animations as time-lapsed drawings. It also offers additional services like storyboarding, professional voiceovers, and screenwriting. Get your doodle on!

Cost: Click here for a pricing overview.

3. Promo.com

The fastest and highest quality video creator on the market, you can make premium video ads in under 5 minutes. Simply choose from over 15 million pieces of footage from the likes of Getty and Shutterstock, add your text and logo, put a nice piece of music in the mix and off you go. Still seem like too much? No problem! With thousands of video templates you can just customize with your logo and click publish. Use Promo and you might actually have time to drink that coffee.

Cost: Free to try.

4. Snagit

What was once a simple screen grab tool has now moved into video. Good call team. So if you’re looking at amazing social content or other fun video creatives online and want to share it with your community or do a clean re-share on social media, this is the tool for you.

Cost: $49/month

5. Camtasia

Camtasia is a drag-and-drop video editor that seamlessly integrates into YouTube, Vimeo, and Google Drive. Use it to add motion graphics, music tracks, PowerPoint presentations and more with only a few clicks of the mouse. That’s cam-tastic!

Cost: Free trial; then prices vary.

6. VideoScribe

Ever wonder how those whiteboard animations are done? VideoScribe is how. It’s got a bit of a learning curve, so get lots of practice before making your official video. Animations are rad when done properly.

Cost: Varies. Check out pricing here.

7. Vidyard

Vidyard is the most expensive and complicated member of this list. It shines best when integrated into marketing automation. The video marketing tool offers features like email capture and behavior triggering. Just be sure you vet it thoroughly before dropping a dime.

Cost: Free 14-day trial. Then, prices vary.

8. Viewbix

Yet another leader in integration and automation. Viewbix lets users add interactive applications to videos. You can enhance anything from CTAs to forms, directly onto an existing video. Superb!

Cost: Check out Viewbix’s pricing guide here.

9. Vimeo for Business

Vimeo’s biggest selling point is that it works as a cloud-based catch-all for your videos. The subscription even includes 5 TB of storage. So now you can be an even bigger data hoarder! Tee hee.

Cost: $50/month, billed annually.

10. Wistia

Wistia is an easy-to-use video hosting service that performs like most other video marketing platforms. It also offers a customizable player, detailed analytics, and access to Soapbox, a free video creation tool. It’s like the swiss army knife of sites.

Costs: Free for beginners. All others, click here.

11. Buffer for Video

Buffer for video works similarly to its social media counterpart. Upload your video one time, and Buffer for Video will post it on your schedule to multiple networks. Now you can go back to more important things, like level 134 on Candy Crush.

Cost: Click here for detailed pricing.

It doesn’t matter what you offer or what you’re selling. Successfully scaling any business isn’t done without video marketing. Demand for video continues to rapidly increase. Roughly 52% of marketing professionals over the world regard video as the most valuable form of content in terms of ROI.

Get started by choosing one or two of these and run with them. Repeat as necessary with a focus on growing your business. The use of a video marketing strategy ensures you’ll see results two-fold across all social platforms. It’s the best way to not only drive digital revenue but reach your audience in a way that keeps them engaged. Like they say in the “Field of Dreams,” if you make the video…they will come.


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