Best Online Video Makers for 2024

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By Promo Team
January 20, 2024 · 25 min read

Long gone are the days of downloading software to create your videos. It’s 2022, and if video marketing is on your agenda, then the solutions are already online and waiting for you with the best online video maker out there. Whether you are a marketer, creator,  growing brand or huge organization, you are going to need videos in order to maintain your online visibility. And a lot of them.

So you’re on the hunt for the best video editing tool, and we want to make it easy for you to find the best video maker for your purposes. That calls for a breakdown of the top video makers available to date. We’ll be calling out the best video maker by looking at a specific list of criteria – which we’ll cover below. Let’s dive in.

How Our Analysis of the Best Video Maker Works

Our video maker review will be based on criteria deemed most important to users based on our research. Business owners, real estate agents, freelancers, marketers, agencies, and entrepreneurs are all looking to online video-makers to create video products that enable them flexibility, save them time, and are affordable. To map out the best video maker, we’ll give 1-5 votes based on the following criteria:

Special Features

This video maker review will carefully examine the standout features of our top picks for the best online video maker. Although these video editors may share the same functionalities and capabilities, some appear to be better than others. A poorly created video will distort your content and brand image. You need video editing software with the best features that’ll make your video creation process very seamless. We’ll be looking at design, text styles, finding footage and more. The better the features the more votes the video maker will get.


Videos continue to take over the social media and marketing landscape. Users like you need user-friendly platforms that make video creation easy. This review will help you make the right decision on the best user-friendly online video maker. We will look for an interface suitable for beginners and advanced video creators alike. The harder it is to use the platform the fewer the votes the software will receive.

Tools and Customizations

We’ll talk about what these editing tools offer and what you can do with them. Will you have to deal with pesky watermarks? Do they offer brand customization options? Can you easily edit your video outro? Trim your video? What powerful tools you should expect and much more. Our video maker review will unpack all the functionalities that make each of our top picks worthy of your consideration. The better the tool and customization options,  the more votes it’ll get.

Our Top Picks For Best Online Video Maker

  1. Promo
  2. Animoto
  3. Movavi
  4. Magisto
  5. Adobe Spark
  6. Animaker
  7. Filmora
  8. WeVideo
  9. Biteable
  10. Clipchamp
  11. InVideo
  12. Wave

Finding the Best Online Video Maker

Creating quality video content using video makers online isn’t just about combining footage. You need the best video maker that is simple to use, offers great features, and is cost-effective. If you’re not sure what to look out for in this type of software, this video maker review will guide you to make the best decision. Most brands have realized how important videos are in today’s market and the competition to have the best online video maker keeps intensifying. We’ll discuss the 12 best video makers that you can use to craft eye-catching video content.’s Video Maker’ video maker gives access to world-class video content paired with a customizable and easy-to-use editing tool. Our software is packed with features like ready-made templates, text styles, the largest online media collection and more. Everyone loves an editing tool that helps get the job done in no time, and that’s what is all about. If you’re looking to create Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and promotional videos using templates or from scratch – you will find what you are looking for. 

Special Features was created with businesses, agencies, and entrepreneurs in mind. It is also loved by personal users and content creators for many reasons. We offer unique features – and are always adding new features – that secure our software a place as the best online video maker. Using Promo’s online video maker you can create videos in minutes. Each video can easily be resized into three social media formats. Videos can also be exported in multiple options. Create a GIF from any video, export as Meme or share directly to social media. It’s all possible using Promo’s amazing video editor. 


So is’s video maker really an intuitive tool? Can non-techie users enjoy the platform? Well, our answer is yes. is made with the notion of providing what are usually complex features, and turning them into simple clicks and drag and drops. Simplicity is key but without taking any quality away from the video production – try us out for free.

Tools and Customizations gives users a lot of tools to use for their video creation endeavors, Upload your own media content into the editing interface, use available audio files, slap on your own logo and brand information on the video, animate texts, and choose one among several filters and colors to use. The idea is to bring your flavor in – even if you decide to use one of our 100 million plus premium videos and photos – you can still make it your own with the amount of customization available. Not to mention a massive media library of royalty-free music at your disposal!

Promo Review Recap’s video maker has so much to offer and by providing great features, premium customizations, and a super easy-to-use editor, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s zero install required. Our video maker can be used efficiently straight from your browser so you can access your videos anywhere, anytime. Without further ado, let’s jump into our review of other video makers in the space.

Animoto Review

Animoto is a fairly intuitive video editor. Our Animoto review will give you a quick rundown of what to expect from this software. Starting at $25/month, no experience is required in using this tool for video creation and editing. This allows beginners and video content creators the opportunity to leverage its easy-to-use functionalities. Here is why this editing tool made it to our list as a contender for the label of best video maker.

Special Features

As a runner in the race to being the best online video maker, Animoto serves the same market as other alternatives. It enables users to create video content fast without worrying about the technicalities and experience usually involved in video creation and editing. This tool offers features like media and audio library, media uploads, ready-to-use templates, sharing and HD download options, professional fonts, expert support, and more.  All in all, Animoto video maker comes with a full set of special features that make your video editing simple regardless of your experience level. Animoto scores 4 votes for this criteria.


Creating cool videos is quite easy with the  Animoto video maker. You can choose from available storyboard templates, personalize your video content, add media content and perform other customizations just by the click of a button. It is one of the best video makers online that is cost-effective, offers a free version, and provides an intuitive and simple interface that everyone can use. For user-friendly criteria, we believe Animoto video maker is not complicated at all so it gets 5 full votes.

Tools and Customizations

The main goal with Animoto is to help you create quality marketing and social media video content. There are many tools and customization options available that allow you to explore your creativity. You can use tons of licensed music, animated fonts, add your brand features, and easily export your MP4 to your device. You can also share your creation directly to social media or embed it on your website for public view. Animoto video maker, for tools and customization, gets 4 votes.

Animoto Review Recap

A total of 4.5 votes for Animoto positions it as a top contender for the best video maker. Our Animoto review pointed out some of the best things to look out for in this video editing software. We concluded that it has one the most comprehensive editors among other Animoto alternatives. Besides the usual features, if you want to utilize the free version, you’ll have to live with having watermarks on your videos.

Movavi Review

Movavi is a video editing software accessible on IOS, Android, and desktop devices. It has a good combination of video-enhancing tools and pre-installed theme templates that can be used for various types of videos. The Movavi software shows off some advanced features but at the same time, you can get things done as a beginner with just a couple of clicks. Starting at $39.95/year, Movavi can help you make refined videos with special effects and other editing features. Our Movavi review highlights the features, tools, and usage stats of this software.

Special Features

This short video maker offers users a simple editor with visual effects, aspect ratios, overlay stickers, smooth transitions, drag and drop, and other basic features that make it one of the best video makers to look out for. We can’t entirely say it includes standout features other than the usual video editing tools but it does come with features that can help bring your video idea to life. We’ll give Movavi 3.5 votes on special features.


Movavi video maker has a refined user interface with a small learning curve. File processing and rendering is fast. Brand logos, colors, and stickers can be easily accessed and used on videos. As another contender in the race to become the best video maker, it offers a free version that comes with watermarks. You can create slideshows or even complete a full movie from scratch. For our Movavi review, we’ll give it 4 solid votes.

Tools and Customizations

Considering Movavi tools and customization, our video maker review unearthed that it offers basic editing tools and allows users to change video speed, compress video size, add filters, subtitles and also insert branding features. Although there are not many advanced tools present, they are easily accessible so we’ll give it 4 votes for this criteria.

Movavi Review Recap

In this Movavi review, we describe a few things you can expect from this software and its potential as the best online video maker. The total average for Movavi video maker comes to 3.5 votes.

Magisto Review

Trusted by businesses and content creators alike, Magisto is another pretty intuitive video-making platform. Our Magisto review will look to unpack this editing tool so you can learn about its tools and best features. You can upload media to create commercial and personal videos, add music, insert your background of choice and distribute your video on social platforms. Starting from $9.99/month, it provides users with design templates, stock photos, licensed music, and various other customizations that make the video creation and editing process fun.

Special Features

Magisto is generally best for marketing professionals and offers some notable features like video analytics and reporting, animation, social sharing, media library, audio files, speed adjustments, lead capture, and drag and drop features that make the video editing process quite rewarding. Magisto features include some unconventional attributes that many personal users may find unnecessary – so it gets 4.5 votes.


Overall Magisto is user-friendly and fairly simplifies video making for beginners. It has good options for templates and as a web-based video management tool, it makes presentable video content that can be customized for marketing and personal requirements. Its marketing analytics feature may seem a little confusing for beginners but for advanced business users, it is a pretty vital feature. For ease of use, Magisto- a big runner for the label of best online video maker earns 4.0 votes.

Tools and Customizations

Magisto has some of the best tools that can benefit business users looking to get a view of their marketing video performance. Other tools available on the platform include split/merge, sharing options, brand customizations, font animations, text-to-video tools, and many more editing functions that make your video process seamless. Magisto gets 5 votes for tools and customizations.

Magisto Review Recap

A total of 4.5 votes for this top contender in our best video maker list. Our Magisto review has covered pretty much everything that makes this editing tool one to look out for in the video content creation arena.

Adobe Spark Review

Adobe spark provides a comprehensive video creation and editing solution that allows users to bring their visual stories to life. It is a top performer looking to earn the title of best free online video maker. We have tried out this platform and read adobe spark reviews from other users so we can affirm that its creative features and fantastic themes make it a good choice for video creation. Aside from its watermarked free version, this pioneer video maker paid plans to start from $19.99/month with adobe cloud integration, royalty-free stock media, brand customization features, and much more. If you’re a video making veteran – Adobe is a friendly choice but will still require quite the learning curve. Its outdated interface makes it difficult for many to know their way around the platform. Let’s dive in a bit deeper…

Special Features

Adobe Spark features some very useful functions from premium templates and a complete library of fonts and free images to video export options and adobe cloud integration that make it good for your video creation and editing work. Some notable features like drag and drop, design management, custom fonts, and brand overlay can make your experience on the software pretty interesting. Career professionals and beginners can work creatively and learn new things on the platform while crafting high-quality videos. We’ll give Adobe spark 4.5 votes on this criteria.


In terms of user interface and ease of use adobe spark has a long way to go. It offers tons of resources that beginners can use and advanced video content creators can also do great work with this intuitive editing tool – once the learning curve has been overcome. Although it tops our list of best video makers, we may argue that it’s somehow complex and may seem a little complicated for beginners. Adobe spark gets 3.5 votes for being not so user-friendly.

Tools and Customizations

From brand overlay and collaboration tools to video customizations, working on the Adobe platform can be really rewarding. You can customize your texts and fonts, import and export content, add audio and use the design features to your advantage. It is not just an ordinary video editing tool and for that reason, it gets 4.5 votes on this criteria.

Adobe Spark Review Recap

Our Adobe spark review has spelled out the features and tools that make this editing tool special. It offers interesting attributes that aren’t seen in some other Adobe spark alternatives. Minus the seemingly complex and outdated interface, this software remains a big contender for the title of best video maker. Total votes for Adobe spark is 4.0 on average.

Animaker Review

Animaker is an online video creation tool that lets you upload your own media and audio content to create animated videos for personal and social media use. Starting from $20/month, you can create eye-popping videos in a few minutes. It provides over 1000 templates, stock photos/videos, and other tools that allow users to create feature-rich videos. Our Animaker review will highlight things that’ll help you decide whether to use this video maker.

Special Features

Animaker is a short video maker that can be used to create GIFs and edit live videos. It has standout features that allow users to create, edit and share animated videos online. With pre-built templates, animations studio, and media library at your disposal, you can string together your content to create eye-catching videos. Animaker gets 4.5 votes for its animated and live video-making features.


We can’t entirely say that Animaker is very user-friendly but one positive surprise is that with little knowledge of video editing you can easily work your way around the platform and create quality animated videos. The wide range of animation, character builders, and customizable templates available to users also makes the editing process fascinating. For being satisfactorily user-friendly we’ll give it 3.5 votes.

Tools and Customizations

Animaker makes our list in search of the best online video maker due to the unconventional tools and customization features it offers. From customizable texts and animated characters to media import, an extensive library, and branding tools, Animaker offers a few competitive advantages over some other alternatives. It’ll get 4.5 votes for having interesting tools and customizations.

Animaker Review Recap

Our Animaker review concludes that this editing tool can be used to create 4k quality animated and live videos for personal and promotional purposes. It offers a free trial and is fairly user-friendly with various tools that make video creation a satisfying experience. The total average votes come to 4.2.

Filmora Review

Filmora is a comprehensive video editing tool with an intuitive user interface that is very easy to understand. Besides the usual basic video editing features such as templates, transitions, text customizations, and branding, it also allows users to adjust video speed, add voice overs, crop video, and adjust the aspect ratio. Even better, the free version does not add watermarks on video and you can make unlimited videos on the platform. Pricing starts at $7.99/month and is available on Windows, Mac, and mobile devices.

Special Features

This editing tool simplifies the process, saving users the time and effort involved in video creation. With its object tracking, audio enhancement, video effect color, and matching feature users can expect to create engaging video content. Filmora gets 4.5 votes for its features.


If you’re just starting out as a video creator or just looking for simple software to make your complex editing work easy, Filmora might be a good option for you. Although you need to learn some functions as you progress, It’s pretty easy to maneuver through the platform and anyone can learn to use it with a fairly short learning curve. It also includes tutorials and other resources to help users get through the complex aspects of the platform. Filmora gets 4.0 votes on this criteria.

Tools and Customizations

Filmora video maker has several tools and customization features that make it stand out as a contender for best video maker. Just like other alternatives, this software allows you to add media and audio content easily and also several preset elements like themes, filters, transitions, and more. It does have some special tools that differentiate it from other video makers and for this reason, it gets 4.0 votes.

Filmora Review Recap

Filmora secured a total average of 4.0 votes and although it has promising tools, users don’t have access to stock media content and will have to upload their own content. Our Filmora review concludes a fair user experience with tools for both beginners and professionals.

WeVideo Review

WeVideo is a cloud-based video editing platform mostly used by educators, students, and businesses. You can access your videos from anywhere and on any device as files are stored securely on the cloud. Pricing starts at $4.99/month with limited storage. You also get access to templates, editing tools, and other features necessary for your video creation process.

Special Features

WeVideo features are pretty basic, making it easy for users to create videos for business and educational purposes. Its main features include a media library, audio assets, templates, social sharing, brand customizations, and speed adjustments. You can get unlimited storage and video downloads even without installing the software on your device. For its feature-rich editor that includes a green screen and animated text, WeVideo gets 4.6 votes.


The WeVideo platform is not very beginner-friendly but it provides tutorials on the basic video-making process. If you’re on the go and need to create videos, the platform is available on all devices and you can access all your content anytime and on any device. For this criteria, WeVideo gets 4.2 votes.

Tools and Customizations

WeVideo provides a few customization options that are worthy of note. Its templates, overlays, and transitions are customizable and features like its collaboration tools make group work easy and effective. We’ll give WeVideo 3.8 votes for the tools and customization criteria.

WeVideo Review Recap

All in all, WeVideo comes out with a total average of 4.0 votes. It meets the needs of educators and businesses but its features hardly cater to individuals looking to make personal and social media video content.

Biteable Review

Biteable enables its users to create appealing marketing, explainer, animated, and promotional videos in minutes. It has one of the most user-friendly interfaces and provides users with thousands of stock photos and customizable templates that make the video creation process seamless. Starting from $19/month you can enjoy its best features, customize your videos and create eye-catching visual content.

Special Features

Biteable has all the basic features you expect in a video editor including drag and drop, a media library, audio import, animation, and more. As a top contender in our best video makers online list, it meets our expectations in terms of simplicity and accessibility of features. Biteable gets 4.2 votes for its features.


The user interface is quite simple and easy to use, great for beginners who are new to video creation and editing. For having a user-friendly interface, it gets 4.5 votes.

Tools and Customizations

Biteable offers split/merge, rendering, text overlay, and template customization. Aside from the difficulty in finding animations in the library, it provides some great tools that make the entire editing process go smoothly. For tools and customization, it gets 3.8 votes.

Biteable Review Recap

With an average of 4.0 votes, Unlike some other video makers similar to Biteable, it makes video creation and editing simple. However, its simplicity makes it miss some exciting tricks that advanced editors may be looking for in a video maker.

Clipchamp Review

Clipchamp is a multifaceted video maker that combines various video-making and editing tools that are useful to video content creators in one place. It has all the basic video-related features built into the platform and provides templates, media libraries, and audio to make video creation a seamless process for users. For limited video export, you can use the software for free but priced plans starting from $9/month offer better features.

Special Features

The standout features on Clipchamp have earned a spot on our best video maker list. This platform offers image overlay, video resizing, green screen, and text-to-speech features that are great for video creation. It also provides a media library, social sharing options, and easily customizable templates. For these features, it gets 4.4 votes.


Clipchamp offers a free version for users to try out the editor and they do not have to download the software to use it. The platform is very intuitive and easy to use, enabling both beginners and professionals with the tools they need to create stunning videos for personal and business purposes. We’ll give Clipchamp 4.0 votes for user-friendliness.

Tools and Customizations

Notable tools and customizations on the Clipchamp video maker include branding features, drag, and drop, social sharing, text overlay, and collaboration tools. Once you’re done editing your video you can export it in the recommended size for the social platform. Clipchamp will get 4.3 votes for this criteria.

Clipchamp Review Recap

From its aesthetically pleasing UI and multifaceted tools to its media library and exporting options, Clipchamp is a big contender in our best video maker list. The total votes gathered on this Clipchamp review stand at a 4.0 average.

InVideo Review

InVideo does things a little differently from other short video makers. It has various sections for every type of video with prebuilt templates available to make the process easy and hassle-free. You can also choose to start from scratch if you’re not a fan of templates as its collection of tools provides everything you need to create stunning videos. Starting from $15/month you can access various features and create your videos with ease.

Special Features

With free and paid plans available to users, InVideo provides great features for quick and easy video creation. Its extensive collection of prebuilt templates is one of their best assets, plus there are cool stickers, effects, and text customizations that can enrich the appearance of a video. This contender in our best online video maker list gets 4.0 votes for its features.


The InVideo platform is quite simple to use as all the tools are spelled out for anyone using the editor to work their way around the interface. For user-friendliness, InVideo earns 4.0 votes.

Tools and Customizations

Before you can start editing, the platform suggests you create a brand profile to customize colors, logos, and backgrounds. With this, you can easily apply your brand features to your videos with ease. It gets 3.5 votes.

InVideo Review Recap

To get straight to the point, we are not very intrigued by this platform as there isn’t much to it beyond the basic editing features. The total average vote is 4.0.

Wave Review

Wave is a video-making tool that combines video creation, editing, hosting, and sharing features. With a pricing plan that starts from $24/month, it offers businesses and video content creators a cost-effective means of creating interesting videos.

Special Features

On the Wave platform, you’ll find features like graphics and stickers, stock library, sharing options, and other usual editing features. It gets 3.7 votes for this criteria.


Trying out its free version, we found that the UI is quite simple to work with. The editor is intuitive and easy for beginners to get around. For this criteria, it gets 4.3 votes.

Tools and Customizations

The tools and customizations are also basic and may not be an editor’s number one pick for this criteria. For tools and customizations, it gets 3.8 votes.

Wave Review Recap

All-in-all, we expected more than we got from Wave and its total vote comes to 4.0 on average.

Our Verdict on The Best Video Maker

Spoiler alert – it’s Yes, there are many video makers out there and many of them are great. But none offer the full package that users can find when using online video maker. The combination of a very easy-to-use online video editor with an endless selection of footage is a winning one.’s media library is updated daily with 10K new videos and images. Templates are created around the clock by our amazing team of creatives to meet demand and our social media calendar always has your content covered. Some might have different features or promises. but none deliver like

The Fight for Best Video Maker – Sans

Animoto vs Adobe Spark

Adobe spark is a video editing tool similar to Animoto. It offers a more complex editor which advanced video creators may prefer. If you’re new to using video editing tools then Animoto could be your best bet for creating stunning videos using its simple built-in features. However, Adobe spark took second place in our best video maker review list but Animoto still follows closely as a big contender.

Magisto vs Animoto

Out of other Animoto alternatives, Magisto features some of the best attributes, tools, and customization options that give it an edge over Animoto. Although Animoto is more user-friendly and offers better tutorial support, our Magisto review puts the former in front with a higher average vote.

Movavi vs Filmora

Both Filmora and Movavi are popular editing tools and are in our top picks for the best online video maker. As one of Filmora’s alternatives, Movavi is pretty great for beginners and offers a more user-friendly interface. However, Filmora takes the lead with editing effects, customizations, and tools.

WeVideo vs Animaker

Going by our overall votes in our Animaker review and WeVideo, Animaker comes out on top offering better customizations and user-friendliness. Although WeVideo proves to have more special features, it still trails behind Animaker in our best video maker contest.

Clipchamp vs InVideo

Side by side comparison of these two of our best online video makers using our review puts InVideo behind Chipchamp. Although InVideo has plenty of potential, some improvements need to be made to its tools and customization options to give users better video editing flexibility.

Biteable vs Wave

Using our key criteria of features, user-friendliness, and customizations, Biteable stands clear of Wave with higher votes in all 3 criteria. However both editing tools offer a fairly user-friendly platform and all-in-all, they both deserve to be on our list of best video makers online.


A professionally designed video can help you tell your story, bring ideas to life, and enhance marketing efforts. Now that you know the best video makers, you can consider your options wisely. You can also start testing them out yourself to see if they are perfect for your work. It’s time to start taking your video content marketing to another level. These are the best online video makers that make video creation and editing easy and hassle-free for both beginners and professionals. Once you are ready take the next step, you’ll even be able to use your awesome videos and convert video to GIF for even more social media fun. 

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