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May 15, 2018 · 6 min read

You’ve heard of Coca-Cola, right? Of course, you have. Everyone from here to Timbuktu has. But do you remember how you first became aware of the brand? Can you picture the ad you saw as a toddler? Don’t worry if you can’t. There’ve been countless ads reaching billions since they began in 1892. Their last campaign interacted with 1.7 million users and reached 80% of the company’s target audience. In total, brand awareness increased by 11% and 44% of Mexico’s population shared a Coke as a direct result. So yeah, they know how to build an exceptional brand.

Ever wondered what exactly is branding? Brand awareness is a concept in marketing that measures a consumer’s overall knowledge of a brand’s existence. Coke is obviously killin’ it! Awareness is about the proportion of prospective consumers who know the brand off the top of their heads without giving it much thought and we’d say most people on the planet are aware of the beverage giant.

In this sense, branding ads differ from other sorts of marketing content. Unlike typical ads for jeans and electronic gizmos, brand awareness ads aren’t judged by how many times users tap on their phone screens. The intention is not for a direct sale but rather to establish a legacy for your brand by connecting consumers, not to your products, but to you, your story, and what you represent. It’s more about the brand and less about the actual product. Direct response ads focus on one product, one service. Getting consumers to visit their website and buy something within an allotted time frame is the end goal. These are about elevating the brand as a whole.

Why Use Brand Awareness Ads?

Why wouldn’t you? It’s about advertising on a specific scale, with a set of parameters meant to widen your audience. It helps advertisers find key groups who’ll engage with the ad for several minutes. By participating this way, it improves an ad’s memorability and boosts the odds the viewer will have brand recall later on. Basically, it finds the people that won’t find your stuff boring and tosses them a bone.

To dive in a little further, campaigns are designed to optimize an advertiser’s reach and attention to target viewers. Reach optimization gives brands the ability to maximize the size of their audience despite selecting a very specific group of unique people to see the ads. The time frame they’re shown is minimized and caps are placed on the frequency of impressions on a given user, for the advertiser’s benefit. For example, Facebook’s goal is to get people’s attention at the best possible time of day without excessive redundancies which is a good thing for everyone. Being annoying is a total turn off!


How to Create Brand Awareness Facebook Video Ads

It’s time to create your first brand awareness ad. Start by clicking here to access Facebook’s Advertiser Help Center. While you’re there, familiarize yourself with the Facebook’s advertising process and terminology for creating these ads. Try the “Guided Creation” tool to walk through the process. It’s painless and removes a lot of the guesswork the first time around. Don’t be stubborn. These things take time!

You’ll choose from various options to narrow down your pool of viewers. Some include selections based on:

  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • Conversion
  • Audience
  • Budget

Pro tip: Read about How To Use Conversion Optimization and become a Facebook master directly from the Promo Ads Manager himself.

What Facebook’s Brand Awareness Ads Won’t Do

You’ve read plenty on the many, many ways Facebook’s brand awareness ads are wonderful. They pretty much are. For what they do, they’re absolutely terrific. Almost like Mark Zuckerberg’s little gift to entrepreneurial-kind.

Although they are cool, they aren’t magical. Like any other marketing tool on your belt, you should set some realistic expectations for results. Lifting brand awareness can be a long game. Not all advertising campaigns are notable or epic successes individually. Monitor analytics with a keen eye and respond accordingly by making changes to the next one.

On that note, here’s a short list of what these video ads will not do for your business. Keep those expectations in check, now! Brand awareness Facebook ads won’t:

  • Lead new visitors to your website. They’re not meant for that, nor designed with traffic building in mind.
  • Work as effective substitutes for direct sales text or video ads.
  • Generate feedback from your audience about your individual products or services.

Keep these factors in mind when you’re calculating ROI. There’s a lot that goes into what you can expect to pay for brand awareness ads on Facebook and it doesn’t make these projects any less essential.

How Much Do These Ads Cost?

It will not break the bank! The Facebook gods respect your budget. Facebook ads have the most advertiser-friendly pricing model among all other social media channels. They charge pennies for each click and impression. Fees are assessed per every thousand impressions and clicks, respectively.

You hold the purse strings by setting the budget when you set up your ad. It’s the maximum amount of money you’re willing to spend each day. Facebook ads will never go over that number. Say you’re only working with 5 dollars per day. That’s all Facebook will spend. Not a penny more. They’ll provide advertising services based on what you can afford.

Regarding costs per clicks, likes, and impressions, the team at AdEspresso conducts regular studies in this area for Hootsuite. Their 2016 results are as follows:

  • The average cost per click is about $0.28 in the US and $0.35 globally.
  • Likes cost an average of $0.23 in the US.
  • Getting someone to install your app in the US will run you $2.74 each time.

Not at all expensive given what some marketing firms charge. In direct response advertising, all you’d need is a little math to gauge the success of a campaign featuring Facebook video ads. Unfortunately, these numbers do almost nothing for figuring out ROI in terms of running a brand recognition campaign. People liking you doesn’t always directly relate back to money. Sometimes, it just feels good!

Measuring the Success of a Brand Awareness Campaign

Brand awareness is difficult to measure. If the size of your audience is large enough, Facebook automatically generates polls featuring questions about your brand and if they’ve seen the ads. Polls are then shown to your audience to determine the ad recall lift rate. From there, the lift rate is calculated by dividing the number of favorable responses given in the polls by the total number of people who saw the ad. The results are a part of the advertiser’s regular reporting. To find the cost per lift in the brand, Facebook estimates how many people would, in theory, recall seeing the ad if queried.  It’s as close as anyone can mathematically get to any semblance of a real calculation.

Brand awareness ads aren’t tied to surges in traffic, conversions, or revenue spikes. Variables abound, accounting for them with any degree of accuracy is nearly impossible. That said, lift is important. A measure of lift describes someone’s relationship with your brand. Calculating even a relative estimate of a given campaign’s ad recall lift rate sits higher on the figurative totem pole than measurable increases in clicks, CTR, or other more common metrics. Undoubtedly, people will remember your advert without ever touching it.  That’s the goal.

Brand awareness marketing campaigns are vital to any business. Without them, there isn’t a compelling reason for investing in online advertising later on. These ads underpin exactly who you are and people will connect with your story on an emotional level. In a way, they’ll “meet” you for the first time through your content and/or video ads. Make yours a success by capturing your target audience’s attention with your unique story and authentic message. Brand awareness is about being yourself in business, and who doesn’t love that idea?


Here are a few fun marketing templates that we love:



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