Instagram for Small Businesses: A Master Post

Daisy Rogozinsky
By Daisy Rogozinsky
February 12, 2023 · 9 min read

Here at Promo, we’re all about Instagram. As the most-downloaded app in the world with nearly one and a half billion monthly users, it’s one of the best channels for marketing a business online, allowing you to take advantage of the power of images and videos to grow and connect with an audience. In fact, a Meta survey found that Instagram is the number one place where people prefer to keep up with their favorite brands compared to other platforms.

Because we believe in the power of Instagram marketing, we’ve created a number of articles full of helpful tips and resources you can use to absolutely ace your Instagram game. To help you keep track of it all, this master post goes over every possible thing you might need to know about how to be successful on Instagram, with links where you can dive into each subject more in-depth. 

While there’s no need to read every single one of these articles in a row from beginning to end, we do recommend bookmarking this post. This way, next time you have a question related to Instagram, you’ll have a go-to source for where you can find the answer. 

Instagram Marketing Strategy

In order to see the most success on Instagram, you’ll have to do a bit of planning and strategizing. So whether you’re just starting out with Instagram marketing or want to re-evaluate your existing efforts, these articles help you figure out your goals, methods, and approach.

9 Effective Tips to Improve Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

Do you find that your Instagram game is a little inconsistent? Maybe you’re not seeing the kind of results from Instagram marketing that you’d hope? In this article, we share our nine best tips for improving an Instagram strategy that isn’t quite working, including advice on how to utilize analytics, come up with a posting schedule, dip your toes into influencer marketing, and more.

6 Tips To Take Your Instagram User Growth To The Next Level

It’s not uncommon for businesses’ growth on Instagram to stall after some time. This article helps you push past this lull with six strategies that will help you continue to gain new followers. Among other things, you’ll learn about how to optimize your profile and utilize cross-promotion. 

7 steps to become a successful salesperson on Instagram

This article gives you advice on how to approach Instagram marketing like an expert. These are basic principles that anybody planning to advertise their business on Instagram should know about regardless of experience level or business size. 

Best Practices: Size, Video Length, Posting Time, Algorithm, and Captions

There are a lot of small factors that can have a big impact on your Instagram success. For example, you might not think twice about the time of day you post or the exact length of your videos, but these things can really affect how many views, likes, and comments you get. The following articles touch on a range of best practices that will boost your Instagram.

Instagram Post Size Guide for 2022

In this article, you’ll find information about the best post sizes for every type of Instagram content including feed posts, Stories, Reels, Instagram Live, and more.

The Best Time to Post on Instagram

In this blog post, we explore the topic of posting times, giving you answers for the best time to post on each day of the week and for multiple different industries. We’ll also teach you how to schedule your posts in advance, which you can do with a tool like Promo Planner.

Video length best practices

It’s been shown that shorter videos are better at capturing the attention of online audiences. But how short is short, exactly? Read this article to find out what research tells us is the best video length for multiple platforms, including Instagram.

How Does the Instagram Algorithm Work?

Oh, the Instagram algorithm. That mysterious, all-knowing equation that seems to decide what gets an extra boost and what doesn’t seemingly at random. In this article, we explore what experts have been able to figure out about the Instagram algorithm and how it works, including tips about how to use it to your advantage. 

People Are Ignoring Your Instagram Posts: 8 Tips for Scroll-stopping Captions

Captions are an often overlooked but highly powerful tool in your Instagram arsenal, giving you an opportunity to add even more value to your posts. This article shares eight great tips for crafting catchy Instagram captions.

Instagram Videos

Video is a widely used and trusted tool for promoting businesses, and for good reason. It can help boost brand awareness, increase traffic, generate leads, and teach customers about how to use your product or service. These articles help you have the best results with Instagram video marketing. 

How to Make Instagram Promo Videos

Consider this article a 101 guide to how you can create Instagram videos to promote your product or business. It covers all the basics, including popular video formats, best practices, and Instagram marketing tips.

How to Create Buzz Around a New Product Using Instagram Videos

When you release a new product, it’s important to build hype to make your audience excited to purchase it as soon as it’s dropped. This blog post offers some tried and true tips for building buzz around your brand and product, boosting sales, and even getting your business trending. 

Instagram Stories

With at least 500 million users watching Instagram Stories daily, this temporary format is a great way to expand your audience. The articles in this section are all about teaching you what stories are and how to use them for marketing success.

Instagram Stories: The Complete Guide

If you’re brand new to Instagram Stories, this guide is a great place to start. It’ll teach you all of the basics you need to know, including what Stories are, why you should use them, and any other FAQs you might have.

20 Creative Instagram Story Ideas to Boost Your Business in 2022

The average brand posts 11 Instagram Stories every day, which means you have to get pretty creative in order to keep up. To help you out, this article gives you 20 interesting Instagram Story ideas that you can use.

How to Get People To Watch Your Instagram Stories In 2023

If your Story viewership is lower than you wish it were, this is the blog post for you. It shares a number of helpful, actionable tips for how you can get more people to watch your Instagram Stories.

Instagram Reels

Reels are Instagram’s answer to TikTok, and they’re an incredibly effective way to get engagement and reach. The following articles explore how you can use them to successfully promote your business. 

Instagram Reels vs. TikTok vs. YouTube Shorts: Which Has More Business Potential?

If you’re curious about the differences between the various short-form vertical video platforms and which ones are actually worth investing your time and resources in, this post has the answers you’re looking for.

5 Ways to Use Instagram Reels Marketing to Grow Your Business

If you’ve decided to go ahead and try your hand at using Instagram Reels as a marketing tool, this guide is a must-read. It goes over five tips on how to use this format to build brand awareness and engage your audience.

How to Increase Your Reach with Instagram Reels

As we mentioned above, one of the most exciting things about Reels is how effective they are at increasing your reach, helping you get seen by a larger audience. This article explores what you can do to get the most out of this ability.

Influencer Marketing

Instagram is the number one preferred channel for influencer marketing. With 61% of consumers trusting influencer recommendations, it’s certainly a marketing strategy worth learning about and potentially trying out. 

A Complete Guide to Instagram Influencer Marketing in 2022

If you want to get started with influencer marketing on Instagram, this guide shares everything you’ll want to know, from benefits to an explanation of the different types of influencers to a step-by-step guide for creating an influencer marketing strategy. 

Instagram Ads

Instagram ads have a huge reach of up to 1.32 billion people, including 22.2% of the global population aged 13 years or older. This would explain why they’re such a popular channel for businesses of all sizes to advertise on. The following posts cover every angle of the Instagram ad topic.

Instagram Advertising: The Complete Guide

Start here with a complete guide to advertising on Instagram. You’ll learn how to choose a goal, target an audience, set a budget, and choose the right ad type for your needs.


How to Create Your First Instagram Ad

Ready to create your first Instagram ad? This article will guide you through the process step by step.

How Much Does it Cost to Advertise on Instagram?

Instagram ad pricing can be a bit tricky if you’ve never used it before. This blog post can give you a general idea of approximately how much you can expect to spend on Instagram ads to help you set your budget.

The Best Instagram Video Ad Examples for 2020

Want to get inspired for successful Instagram video ads you can emulate for your own business? This article is full of great examples of the best of Instagram advertising.

Instagram ads: The best practices for 2020

While it is a little outdated, this article about the best practices for running Instagram ads in 2020 is still full of plenty of relevant advice about best practices for image ads, video ads, and story ads.


Our final category touches on technical aspects of how to use Instagram. 

How to Post on Instagram From a PC

Most users use Instagram on their phones, but it can be much easier to do Instagram marketing from your computer. This article helps you out by teaching you how to post on Instagram from a laptop or desktop computer.

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