The best Twitter video ad examples for 2020

Yael Klass
By Yael Klass
November 28, 2019 · 10 min read

Ah, Twitter—misunderstood by the Facebook crowd, but beloved by many others. While we might love our Timeline and many of the tweets in it, many of us don’t understand how to successfully advertise on Twitter, especially when it comes to video. 

Today, we’re going to examine some of the best Twitter video ads examples to give you inspiration and direction for your next round of promoted tweets. 

As always, a bunch of examples of Twitter video ads out of context isn’t super helpful, so stick with us for a paragraph or two while we lay the groundwork for advertising on Twitter. 

Why video ads

It’s important to see just how powerful video can be in advertising your business. The statistics behind advertising with video literally check all the boxes: 

All the cool kids are doing it—87% of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool (Wyzowl). This line of reasoning is notoriously suspect among people, but savvy decision-makers understand that there must be a good reason for a trend this pervasive. 

Give the people what they want—85% of all Internet users in the U.S. have watched online video content in the last month (Statista). And those aren’t all just cat video views either, because…

Brands are making money—88% of video marketers are satisfied with the ROI of their video marketing efforts on social media (Animoto). Dolla dolla bills, y’all. 

So video ads are great, fine. But are they really that much more effective than photos? Let’s take a closer look. 

Video vs. photo

There has been an ongoing debate amongst digital marketers for quite some time now—which is more effective between video and photo ads? Expert social media advertisers like AdEspresso, HubSpot, AgoraPulse have run tests, but their conclusions won’t give you the black-and-white answer you’re looking for because it’s not a dichotomous situation. 

There are too many variables for a definitive answer—your industry, your objective, the delivery, and placement, etc. The real answer is a series of directives that are more common sense than scientific proof: 

  • You should be testing both video and photo ads in controlled environments (A/B tests).
  • Videos can be used in situations where photos cannot, such as explainer videos.
  • Photos might be the quickest way to get a click in some instances, such as retargeting an engaged audience.

The bottom line is that video vs. photo is not an ‘either-or’ discussion, but it is clear that you need videos in your digital marketing mix, so maybe you just need some inspiration! Lucky for you, we have several of our favorite Twitter video ads examples right here. 


Louis Vuitton

Why it works

Louis Vuitton created this ad with a clear, singular message: 

The Horizon Soft model of luggage is light. 

The singular focus of the ad is the primary reason we ranked it so high in our list of best Twitter ads. Especially for shorter ads that are going to run in the noisy Timeline of Twitter, you have to keep your message simple and singular. Anything too complicated will be ignored. 

But, Louis Vuitton also executed this video ad at a high level for a couple of reasons. 

First, note that they provide a hook in the first three seconds. In this case, it’s a human face with a rather intense visage. Humans are physiologically programmed to notice faces, so that helps stop the scroll. It also helps that they chose an attractive, recognizable face in actor Kris Wu. 

After we’re hooked, the ad engages us by showing slow-motion visuals as the model starts floating away. When you pair the visuals with the music, the sequence is actually quite dream-like, but the ad also works without sound. This kind of makes us wonder why he’s floating…

He’s floating because the luggage is light, which, of course, is the primary message. We don’t need a ton of copy or voiceovers to receive that message. All of this happens in under 20 seconds, and the execution and style of the video make it memorable. Grab your wallets folks, Luis Vuitton knows what it’s doing. 

Spring sale from


Why it works

Hello, eye-catching visuals! This video ad starts off with a bang, which is 100% necessary in the fast-scrolling world of Twitter. 

The kaleidoscope of colors and unique screen-splitting technique grab your attention, giving the advertiser the perfect opportunity to slide in a text headline into the center of the shot. In this case, all the headline does is explain that the 2019 spring collection has dropped. If we know the brand or our interest has been piqued by the nature of the visuals, that’s really all we need to know to click through and start shopping. 

Another important point is the role the video in this ad serves—it’s just a scroll stopper. It doesn’t display a product, it doesn’t explain a concept, or try and sell too hard. It would need to work in harmony with the other aspects of a Twitter ad—the headline, the call to action, and the tweet copy. 

Remember: Your video doesn’t have to do everything. Make sure you understand what role it’s playing in the overall user experience. 

Winter workout classes from


Why it works

The first two Twitter ads examples use human faces, but this video tries another crowd-pleaser—animals. The comedic motion of, um, whatever that seal is doing, is perfectly paired with a light, goofy soundtrack, elevating the humor of the video. 

With expert use of copywriting, the advertiser compares the rhythmic rolling (?) of the sea animal to a breathing exercise used in yoga. Try it—the timing is right on! Either way, our focus has been shifted from the humor of the scene to the rhythm, reinforcing the message of proper breathing. The video pays this all off with a strong call to action in the form of a special offer. 

Want to give it a shot? Create stunning videos specifically formatted for Twitter using one of our Twitter ads templates

#NationalDonutDay from

[Embed this video:]

Why it works

Crispy, light-hearted, and refreshing—wait, are we talking about the ad or the donuts? 

Kind of hard to tell, isn’t it? And that’s exactly the point. The tone and style of the video perfectly match the topic at hand. #NationalDonutDay is more of a whimsical pop culture reference than a major holiday, and this ad doesn’t try to make it one. The upbeat music lets you know this video isn’t too serious, but the colors pop off the screen. If this ad hits you sometime between your morning coffee and your lunch break, you might just succumb to the temptation of your local donut shop. 

Hat tip to the circular rotation of the camera, which is a lesser-used filming technique. More engaging than a still image, more appropriate for the subject matter than the Ken Burns effect. 



Why it works

Nobody wants to hear a long explanation of why we need insurance or why Company A is better than Company B, no disrespect intended to our friends in insurance. It’s just not top of mind for most people, especially those browsing through tweets on their Twitter Timeline. That is precisely why advertisers need to break through that wall with clever, eye-catching visuals, such as this video. 

First off, anybody who sees this who also rides a motorcycle will watch this scene. We have the backside of a woman standing over a cherry café racer. The music drives the scene forward, and right away we’re introduced to some drama—she’s lost her balance and the bike is going down! 

The fact that it’s happening in slow motion only increases the suspense. We wince when we see the polished chrome of the exhaust pipe grind against the brick surface, confirming the feeling of dread all bikers are familiar with—dropping your bike. It’s not only embarrassing, but it’s also expensive to fix, and now we’ve reached the point of the video. Insurance helps you get out of situations like the one shown. 

Another reason we like this video is the length. At only six seconds, it is quickly consumed by those interested in the content, and unobtrusive to those who don’t care. 

Twitter Video Ads Best Practices

We’ve already shared many general best practices for video ads (TONS of other great content on our blog) so today we’ll stick to how you can make the most out of your video ads specifically on Twitter. Here’s the short and sweet list of Twitter ads best practices. 

1. Keep it short

In Twitter’s own research conducted with Kantar Millward Brown, they found that 88% of consumers expect video ads to be less than 15 seconds. Six seconds (like the example above!) is a particularly effective length and recorded the highest brand affinity score for advertisers. Additionally, 15-second ads or shorter opens up the in-stream video ad placement for you. 

2. Think mobile-first

90% of all Promoted Videos are viewed on a mobile device, which means you need to optimize your content for smartphones. This includes things like making sure your videos work without sound, but also considering the context of somebody who is on the go, or someone who may want to download Twitter videos later on. Make sure your call to actions aren’t too involved, and no ebook downloads! 

3. Use short tweet copy

While Twitter now gives you up to 280 characters for your tweets, it’s hard for users to read tweet copy while watching a video, especially if you use captions or text, which we highly recommend. Use your tweet copy to tease the video, not explain it. 

4. Match placement to purpose

Not all ads have the same purpose. Some are designed to create awareness while others are intended to boost your conversion rate amongst your target audience. 

In-stream video ads have “been shown to increase ad recall by 70%, resulting in a 6% higher purchase intent compared to people who weren’t exposed to video ads,” according to Twitter. This ad placement is conducive to brand awareness, so make sure the objective of your content matches. 

The website video card ad placement, however, gets twice as many clicks as the mobile video ad benchmark. Make sure you provide a conversion-oriented ad with a strong, clear, and easy-to-follow (“click” can work) call to action.

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