Case Study: How this personal trainer brought in 5x more clients with videos

Yael Klass
By Yael Klass
May 20, 2020 · 5 min read

Never stop learning. 

Marketing in the digital era is all about continued education—what worked last year may need some tweaks for continued growth this year. There’s no textbook for this type of thing, however. 

Business owners and entrepreneurs learn best from their peers, and that’s what our customer case study series is all about!

We’ve heard many stories from our customers about how they’re using to raise awareness, generate leads, and acquire customers in a variety of different industries. From digital marketing agencies to coaches to higher education, we’ve seen an incredible range of creative executions with video, and we’re not done yet. 

Today we’re going to take a look at how IFBB competitor and personal trainer Tatiana Debique is using video marketing to grow her business in the physical fitness space.  

Let’s get started. 

Tatiana Debique – Pro athlete, expert fitness trainer, and certified nutrition coach case study

Bodybuilding is Tatiana’s life. As an IFBB pro athlete and award-winning fitness competitor, she’s no stranger to hard work. She’s also worked as a personal trainer with a certified nutrition coach designation from the National Association of Sports Medicine. She’s been helping women sculpt their bodies with strength training, cardio, and nutrition for several years. 

As her life evolved, she realized 1:1, in-person coaching was not the only way she could use her skills to help women achieve peak physical fitness, so she decided to take her talents online. In late 2019 she launched a new website and app that allows her to provide a bodybuilding preparation service to her students virtually.  

Because she moved her primary business online, she also had to move her marketing online. Having a pretty good understanding of the digital landscape, Tatiana knew she needed video content and turned to in order to polish her footage into effective promotional material for social media and her website. 

Raising awareness, promoting content, and closing clients with video case study

With no formal training in video production or graphic design, Tatiana got to work creating videos to promote her brand. She had some video footage for a commercial she did with, and she was able to mix that with her own footage and photos, along with some stock video from’s library, to create a series of videos. 

Tatiana understood that she needed a variety of videos to nurture her prospective clients through the buyer’s journey, all the way from awareness to consideration to decision. 

Note how she varied the content of the following videos.

Brand awareness

This video does a great job position the brand—competition-level training, but without the actual competitions. Many of Tatiana’s clients are looking for a way to attain a certain aesthetic, but have no interest in attending competitions. 

Her video identifies her audience, provides her unique selling proposition, and establishes her credibility in a clear and compelling fashion. An awesome way to introduce audiences to her brand! 

Promote content

As we know, many people don’t become customers on the first touch. Therefore, Tatiana follows up on her awareness video with another clip that specifically dives into a frequently asked question. Notice how the video only teases the content—you have to click through to her blog to find out the answer. 

This is a good technique to drive traffic to her website, where the visitor will have a better opportunity to convert into a lead. 

Close clients

Video marketing is designed to close clients, and it’s helpful to create content specifically designed to make the sale. Note how this video is focused on joining the program, contains persuasive testimonials, and has a strong call-to-action. 

One major benefit of the platform Tatiana mentioned is the ability to create video in the vertical format, which allows her to have pixel-perfect content on Facebook and Instagram Stories. Between the vertical video format and the easy-to-use templates, Tatiana has been able to produce professional-looking videos without a ton of time or effort. 

“People ask me all the time—who are you using to make your videos? Who’s your videographer? I kind of chuckle and I tell them I do it myself and a lot of people don’t believe me. I’m proud of some of the videos I’ve produced.”

The results

The ability to produce stunning marketing videos is good, but winning more business because of them is even better. Tatiana has a huge library of still photos from her competitions and coaching that she’s used over the years, but video has opened up a new dimension in terms of its ability to motivate potential clients into action. 

Since starting to promote the business with video marketing, Tatiana is up 5x in the number of clients she’s signed. 

Next steps

Tatiana feels video will remain a significant portion of her marketing efforts throughout 2020, likely adding much more video content into the mix. As opposed to bolting on videos, she plans to use video as the core piece of her business, with other efforts like blogging and social media stemming out from her video marketing strategy. 

Look for more testimonials, talking head, and promotional videos from Tatiana soon! 

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